Have The Revival Already Chosen Their Post-WWE Name?

The Revival

The Revival have been one of the most discussed tag teams of 2019 and it hasn’t changed for 2020.

Their status is still a matter of speculation, leaving their role within the WWE open for discussion.

Now, various sources claim that The Revival already have their post-WWE name covered.

The Revival Files Copyright For New Name

The Revival

According to PWInsider.comThe Revival has filed for a trademark. Note that it is Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson who did the filing and not the WWE. When a name is used in World Wrestling Entertainment, the company does the filing. So, this is quite unusual indeed.

According to the report, the name that was submitted is “Shatter Machine.”

While it is currently known as their finisher, it could mean that the team are thinking of changing their tag team name to it. As the filing was made on January 8th of this year, the pair might have a plan in mind.

The newly filed trademark covers more than just a name as well. It will apply to both wrestling purposes and merchandise. So, it will be very interesting to see how this all develops.

Dawson And Wilder Have Not Signed A New Contract

The Revival

Even though the trademark was filed by Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, there has been no official confirmation from the tag team or World Wrestling Entertainment. Therefore, anything relating to the trademark at the moment is pure speculation.

Having said that, it is important to note that the tag team have not signed a new contract with the WWE.

According to recent reports, the WWE has offered The Revival a very lucrative contract that would provide them with more money and less travel.

In other words, it is nearly a veteran contract. Still, despite the attractive contract terms, Dawson and Wilder have yet to sign.

Fightful Select noted some time ago that the offer on the table for Dawson and Wilder is even better than the contract signed by Gallows & Anderson.

If the contract is as lucrative as rumors would have us believe, the relationship between the WWE and the Top Guys must be very bad indeed.

Their Troubles With The WWE

The Revival

Dawson and Wilder have experienced problems with the company since last year.

Shortly after being called up, an unexpected injury put them on the sidelines. However, their return push never really happened until the pair allegedly threatened to leave the company.

Shortly after this that, it appeared like the tag team was being punished. A series of segments with The Usos almost seemed to ridicule the tag team. Ever since then, their status has been in question.

One of the most visible signs of The Revival looking to leave was the “#FTR” on their ring gear. The abbreviation was a reference to AEW, making people speculate even more about their imminent departure.

As their contract runs out this year, we will have an answer to the question that has plagued us since last year. Will they sign another contract? Or are they heading for AEW or another indie promotion?

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