Brock Lesnar Status Clarified

Brock Lesnar has made a bold move for the upcoming pay-per-view, as he announced his entry. In other news, Ruby Riott has been spotted at the performance center, indicating she is on her way back.

Road To WrestleMania Changed Completely By Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar Royal Rumble

In this week’s episode of Raw, Brock Lesnar – or rather Paul Heyman – announced he will enter the Royal Rumble as the first entrant. While this is unique news on its own, the entry could have more repercussions in the runup to WrestleMania.

There could be a valid reason for Brock to enter the Rumble. Some sources hint that he may be facing a superstar from another brand at WrestleMania. The possibilities are not limited to SmackDown Live either, as there is talk of NXT wrestlers being up for the match.

Some Possible Challengers

Evidently, fans have some suggestions for WWE. One of the names being thrown out there is Finn Balor, who recently returned to NXT with a much darker persona. Others believe it may be Keith Lee, who impressed many people at Survivor Series. Of course, the most interesting name being thrown out in the WWE Universe is Matt Riddle. As he has an MMA background and is quite beloved among fans, he would be the ideal choice.

When it comes to SmackDown, I have to be honest I cannot really find anyone I would like to see against Lesnar. The NXT roster, that’s a completely different case. You have guys like Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa and Adam Cole that could potentially deliver a stellar match.

Of course, it could be heading in a completely different direction than what we are currently thinking. Rumors are rampant about veterans and legends returning to the ring soon; this includes Edge and CM Punk. Rumors are so rampant in fact, I believe many will be disappointed when it does not happen. If it does, it could mean that Lesnar goes up against any of these two legends at WrestleMania. Now, that would be something. Yes, there are probably people that could provide a better wrestling match against Edge or CM Punk. Nevertheless, two big names on the card could certainly put more people in seats.

Ruby Riott Returning From Injury Soon?

Two Possible Royal Rumble Returns

Ruby Riott enjoyed some great momentum with the Riott Squad. Unfortunately, she suffered a serious injury and has been put on the shelf. A recent appearance at the performance center, however, is making fans believe she could be on her way back.

Despite being spotted at the performance center, it is certainly not a definite indicator that she could be on her way back. Some sources state she was simply at the center to evaluate her recovery progress. In other words, her visit meant nothing special according to backstage sources. That being said, it would not be the first time that the WWE puts us on the wrong track. If she is ready to return, it is likely going to be at the Rumble. We are curious to see what will happen!