AEW’s Dynamite Has Been Renewed Until 2023 On TNT

AEW renewed on TNT

Even though the WWE did not take the threat of AEW seriously to begin with, it seems like that is all about to change. In fact, TNT has decided to renew their cooperation with the promotion for another three years. In other words, the competition for World Wrestling Entertainment is here to stay.

WarnerMedia Renews Its Deal With AEW On TNT

All Elite Wrestling Renewed on TNT

AEW is starting the year off wonderfully with the news that WarnerMedia is extending its deal with the wrestling promotion. Believe it or not, All Elite Wrestling has officially been around for a year already! So, it was time to renegotiate the deal.

In addition to being renewed on TNT, the promotion got some other good news as well. All Elite will be getting a second show, which means an additional airing of wrestling for us!

When Dynamite started in October, it immediately got catapulted to the No. 1 wrestling program on Wednesdays. This was surprising to some, as the promotion was facing none other than NXT. While both promotions have lots to offer, All Elite seems to be steadily increasing in popularity.

Perfect Timing?

Jake Hager

Many people argue that the promotion came at the perfect time. After all, many fans were upset with the WWE and the product they were delivering. Things got so bad, chairman Vince McMahon had to step into the ring and apologise for delivering an inferior product. Nevertheless, the mistake left room for a new promotion that would take on the WWE.

Even though the promotion has only been on television for three months, despite being founded a year ago, it already has a steady fanbase. TNT president Kevin Reilly had the following to say:

“The fans have spoken and after only three months, we have seen AEW shake up the wrestling world and this will only continue as we build upon this momentum,”

The Outstanding Roster Will Continue To Be A Haven For Former WWE Wrestlers

Each time a WWE wrestler is unhappy with their position in the company, they are considering turning to AEW. It happened with Tye Dillinger and Dean Ambrose, as well as Chris Jericho to a certain degree. As the promotion just got renewed on TNT, it will continue to be a haven for disgruntled WWE wrestlers.

The current roster at AEW is strong already, so it does not necessarily need an influx of former WWE talent. With names such as Nyla Rose, Chris Jericho, and even Awesome Kong, there are plenty of reasons for fans to tune in.

And, there is additional wrestling to watch for AEW fans there days. On their YouTube channel, you can catch their “Dark” series, which features all the dark matches. You can also look forward to another pay-per-view, which will be called Revolution and will take place on February 29 in Chicago.

So, it seems like All Elite is here to stay and could become a serious thorn in the side of World Wrestling Entertainment. Not so good for the WWE, but great for wrestling fans.

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