WWE Continues To Add Trademarks + Strowman TLC Plans + TLC Main Event?

WWE Continues To Stockpile Trademarks

Why Brock Lesnar Is On SmackDown

In a series of moves that has to truly be tied to the “Wrestling war” with All Elite Wrestling, WWE has filed for additional trademarks. All the new filings, as with those from previous weeks, relate primarily to mothballed PPVs.

In this latest round, it’s another mixed bag of WCW and ECW PPVs and specials, along with a catch phrase for the current WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar.

In addition to the “Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat” line getting a trademark application, WWE also recently filed for the following PPV or show names to be trademarked as well (thanks to PWInsider): Fully Loaded, Living Dangerously, Heat Wave, Anarchy Rulz, World War 3, Chi-Town Rumble, Sin, Souled Out, New Blood Rising, Hog Wild, Capital Combat, Road Wild, Greed, Uncensored, Spring Stampede, The Day Of, Mayhem, Beach Blast, Massacre on 34th Street and Hardcore Heaven.

Now, while some of those could be interesting to see revived, others are probably best off left long dead and nearly forgotten (looking right at you, Hog Wild and Road Wild).

WWE can say that they are, or are not, in any kind of a battle with All Elite Wrestling. These moves say otherwise. Even though NXT and AEW may be basically neck and neck in the Wednesday ratings, these trademarks are likely in response to Cody Rhodes’ own recent filings.

It’s entirely possible, if not probable, that none of these shows is ever brought back. If any are, it’s entirely possible they only live on as a WWE Network special. The likely main goal from WWE, however, was to ensure none could be used by a certain other wrestling company.

What Is Planned For Braun Strowman And TLC?

Braun Strowman has been keeping a low profile of late. Currently, he has no official plans for Sunday’s final PPV of the year, TLC.

Per a report from Wrestling Observer, there are plans for the big Superstar. Those plans are, of course, largely dependent on how Braun is dealing with a current injury.

Right now, he seems to not be cleared for Sunday.

Should he be cleared to compete and ready to go, the Observer reports that WWE could add Strowman to Sunday’s show. If given the green light, it is expected we could see an angle on Friday that delivers us a Strowman versus Shinsuke Nakamura match. That match would be for the Intercontinental Championship. That program has been simmering for a little while now, so it does fit with what had been kicked around.

What Might End Up As The TLC Main Event?

TLC is shaping up to end 2019 on a bit of a low note. Perhaps even a whimper?

We’ve already reported why WWE had been really slow to announce any featured matches for the final PPV. Now, it also seems the show has a less than compelling potential main event.

Specifically, per a report from The Observer, a main event featuring Baron Corbin and Roman Reigns is being discussed. Depending on how you feel about the feud, that may not exactly be the most electrifying match to close out the 2019 PPV slate.

That could be saved by the match stipulations, of course. TLC matches are often train wrecks, and many fans enjoy watching that carnage. With no DQ in place, we can expect Corbin’s buddy Dolph Ziggler to get involved (though tag partner Robert Roode won’t be there, due to his suspension). 

Might this match get some added spice with a surprise return to help out Reigns? Or, might someone new align with King Corbin to help put down Reigns?