Why Did Miz Take Daniel Bryan's TLC Spot + NXT Superstar Re-Signs

Why Is Miz Wrestling In Daniel Bryan’s Spot At TLC?

SmackDown In A Nutshell: Who Will Let The Fiend In For TLC?

As recently as a few weeks ago, all signs seemed to point to another match between Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt (or, more likely, The Fiend). This match, of course, would have been for the Universal Championship.

At SmackDown two weeks ago, things looked like they’d become official, with Daniel Bryan appearing game for the rematch-until The Fiend popped up from under the ring and attacked Bryan. The show went off air as we were left with scenes of The Fiend pulling Daniel Bryan’s hair out and leaving it all over the ring.

Last week’s episode of SmackDown gave us a confirmed TLC match between Bray Wyatt and…The Miz. Now we have a better understanding as to why we have to wait on a Bryan/Fiend rematch.

Per the Wrestling Observer, none other than Daniel Bryan himself was the driving force behind a slow burn toward the rematch. According to Meltzer, Bryan felt it was too soon after their first clash to have a rematch. Especially what transpired during the last exchange between the two, Bryan rightfully thinks it makes some sense to allow a little separation, letting the feud simmer for a bit.

Given that it would seem when Bryan does return, it will be with a fresher, cleaner look, it’s probably wise to let it rest for a few weeks and then really set things in motion for what could be a possible title match as soon as January’s Royal Rumble. It’s nice to see that such creative feedback was able to be provided by a Superstar, and that it was apparently taken into account as part of an on-going program.

Even if there are fans that think Bryan will have been “recruited” into Bray’s defunct Family.

WWE Re-signs NXT Superstar


Not every bit of news this weekend had to pertain to the releases of certain Superstars from WWE. In fact, in this case, one NXT Superstar-who himself had recently requested his release-has instead been re-signed to a multi-year deal.

Oney Lorcan confirmed the re-signing over social media.

This is a nice bit of news for the Boston tough man. Lorcan had recently gone onto social media requesting his release from the company. As someone who has enjoyed watching Oney Lorcan since I first saw him work in NXT, him leaving would have been disappointing. He may not have that “classic look”, but any recent match he’s worked-even before moving to 205 Live-you could tell fans enjoyed watching him work.

It is interesting to see that he and WWE turned a request for release into a brand new contract instead of the alternative. For all involved, let’s hope this new contract works out better than another recent Superstar extension that came after a release request (looking squarely at Mike Kanellis)