What Does Ric Flair’s Opinion About Charlotte’s Bookings Mean?

Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair

It has already been reported that Ric Flair agrees with Corey Graves’ criticism of Charlotte Flair’s WWE bookings. But what does this mean for Charlotte? Does it mean Charlotte’s future is in jeopardy? Or is it the opposite? We investigate!

Ric Flair Agrees With Corey’s Criticism

Ric Flair

Corey Graves criticized Charlotte’s bookings during his podcast recently. He also stated he believed she was going through the motions in the ring, something not everyone agreed with. Then, Ric Flair agreed mostly with Graves and had the following to say when speaking to Wrestling Inc.

“I am not happy with the way they are doing it; I guess she’s been put in that role. Number one, I need to be left out of the equation because she has surpassed me in talent. She’s never gonna be around for 40 years which is why I’m still a household name. I think they look at it and say, ‘Well, she’s like her dad. She’ll do anything we want her to do because she’s a pro.'”

“I don’t think she’ll ever be bored with her storylines and not participate at its fullest. That part is wrong on Corey’s part. But as far as her being the best athlete in the company, a Hall of Famer already, and being the biggest star of the women’s division, he’s spot on.”

So, Flair admitted that his daughter is not being used to her full potential. Yet, he did mention she does everything with her whole heart and full passion. But what does this all mean for Charlotte.

WWE’s Ability To Reduce The Value Of Wrestlers


In the old days, the WWE had no problems making larger-than-life superstars. Some examples include Hulk Hogan, John Cena and Charlotte’s father Ric Flair. However, this has changed lately and the company refuses to focus on a single person.

Let’s look at this objectively. Charlotte is an 11-time women’s champion. She has far surpassed one of the best female wrestlers of all time, Trish Stratus. Yet, she is not being used as the champion she is. Let’s recap, she is an 11-time women’s champion!

But what has been in the cards for Charlotte lately?

The WWE have been focusing heavily on Becky Lynch and the NXT women’s division. Despite the fact there are other amazing women on the roster, namely Charlotte, she’s fading into the background. Is that really the thing the company wants us to remember for their 11-time women’s champion?

Charlotte should be treated as the dominant champion she is and she should play a bigger role within the company. Given her passion and dedication, there is no reason she shoulding be made one of the biggest female superstars.

In fact, she already is. She just needs some bigger parts and more interesting storylines. The company does not have to do a lot. They just have to give Charlotte Flair something better to do. She is the woman that will draw more people in seats because most people will tune in for her.

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