The Ascension Booked Their First Wrestling Show Post-WWE

The Ascension

The Ascension are continuing their wrestling career. Konnor and Viktor have their first wrestling event booked since leaving the WWE. Here are the details about their booked event.

The Ascension Book At WrestleFest

WWE Releases Tag Team

Despite the fact they have not been used properly with the WWE for many years, The Ascension are still a high-quality commodity within the wrestling world. They were a major success in NXT, and their popularity only died down when Vince McMahon refused to use them properly.

Fortunately, their release has not stopped The Ascension. The pair have their first wrestle match since leaving WWE at WrestleFest, which will take place at March 8, 2020 in Albany New York.

Once they have worked WrestleFest, Konnor and Viktor will make their way to Watervliet, New York. There, they will be wrestling for a promotion called Xtreme Wrestling Alliance.

Rematch Against Former SmackDown Tag Team?

The Ascension in the WWE

One of the interesting bits about the upcoming match for Xtreme Wrestling Alliance is that the company teased a SmackDown rematch for Konnor and Viktor. It is difficult to imagine who that could be, as not all the names have been announced.

There have been numerous releases from SmackDown Live over the years; this goes from singles competitors to tag teams. So, Konnor and Viktor could be facing a newly formed tag team or an old SmackDown tag team. There are countless possibilities.

Non-Compete Clauses End In March

Sin Cara WWE

The Ascension left the WWE alongside Luke Harper and Sin Cara. All these released wrestlers are still under a no-compete clause for several months; this ensures that they do not take away any viewers to another promotion. Being in the WWE gives wrestlers a lot of exposure. Therefore, going to another promotion could easily draw more attention to that other promotion.

Sin Cara, Konnor, Viktor, and Luke Harper are subject to a non-compete clause until March 8, 2020. This immediately explains why Konnor and Viktor are not booked to wrestle until March.

In related news, Sin Cara has changed his name since he was released from the company. Pro Wrestling Sheet announced that Sin Cara has obtained permission to use the name “Cinta de Oro”. He received permission from the sons of the original Cinta de Oro. As confirmation, the sons gave Sinc Cara their father’s wrestling mask, which he can now wear for wrestling matches.


There have been big changes for the wrestlers who left the WWE. Sin Cara seems to be thriving and his name means a lot in the indies. The Ascension seemed to have little trouble booking new events.

Of course, we still haven’t heard any news from Harper, who also left the company. As he also has a no-compete clause for the next 90 days, so he may not be booking any events just yet. On the other hand, he could have some events booked and they might be on the down-low at the moment. He could even be in conversation with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), which would be a major step for his wrestling future.

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