Samoa Joe On RAW + Lawler’s Status + What’s Luke Harper Up To Now

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe Will Be On RAW This Evening

Samoa Joe

As of now, Samoa Joe is planned to be on Monday Night RAW this evening.

Unfortunately, it won’t be like Joe, or many fans, would like to see.

Samoa Joe is, of course, sidelined by an injury. He has, however, taken advantage of the time off to work on a new skill-commentary. As such, and per a report from the Wrestling Observer, Joe will be a part of tonight’s RAW announce team.

From a personal perspective, Joe in the announce position has been quite pleasant. I am in no way saying Joe should stick to announcing-far from it. However, you know that some wrestlers, when all is said and done, could transition to the on air commentator spot…and Joe seems to be proving that he could have a future there. Whenever he decides to hang up the boots, that is.

Jerry “The King” Lawler’s RAW Status Is Up In The Air

Speaking of announcers and RAW….

We learned back at the brand split that Lawler was essentially a short timer for the RAW announce team. We’ve heard reports that RAW producer Paul Heyman does not have Lawler in his plans. We also know that The King just signed a new WWE deal recently, though it is not yet clear to what extent his announcing duties are (or are not) covered.

Per The Observer, even with the new contract, the plans for Lawler as a short-term member of the RAW announce team have not changed. There’s no timeframe for any changes, however, and sometimes with WWE, short term and temporary can become long term or permanent. At least for now, Lawler hasn’t been so terrible that people are demanding he be gone….

What Is Luke Harper Up To Now?

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Much has been said about Luke Harper and his contract status with WWE, with good reason.

The former Intercontinental Champion has been vocal about his unhappiness with his status within WWE. He has spent most of 2019 off television, though he did return not that long ago to briefly work alongside his former tag team partner, Eric Rowan.

Since that reunion, however, Harper has been quite scarce. At the same time, his unsettled WWE contract status remains unchanged, with no extension signed. As he had asked for before, it seems that the big man does indeed intend to become a free agent when his contract finally expires.

Now, Harper seems to be signaling his intent more clearly than ever. Before his time in WWE, he worked the indy scene under the name Brodie Lee. Just last week, Harper filed legal documents to secure control of that name and likeness for the purposes of future use as a wrestler.

It seems that Harper may be doing the same as the artist formerly known as Dean Ambrose did. The next question, of course, is whether or not Harper will follow Moxley’s path from WWE to All Elite Wrestling. We should know soon enough.