New RAW Announcer Coming, What Not To Expect At WrestleMania 36

new raw announcer coming

RAW Will Have A New Announcer Soon

The taped RAW episode from December 23rd closed with a significant segment. Samoa Joe, who had been working from the announce position while rehabbing from an injury, was attacked by the Authors of Pain.

The show went off air as we saw the AOP and Seth Rollins standing over Joe, whom they had just put through the announce table.

This segment was obviously done as part of the ongoing Rollins-AOP angle,  but the attack also served another purpose. It writes Joe out of the broadcast position. As he’s ready to get into the ring again, he now has a direction and program to return for.

With a new announcer vacancy, RAW will be getting someone new, likely as soon as this coming episode of RAW on December 30th. That report is courtesy of The Wrestling Observer. The Observer indicated the expectation was a new face at the position on Monday, there has been no indication thus far of who it may (or may not) be.

Factor in the thinking that Paul Heyman does not want to see Jerry Lawler as a long term announcer on RAW, and the red brand announce team could look quite different soon enough.

What Matches Should We Not Expect For WrestleMania 36?

We are a month away from January’s Royal Rumble. That PPV, one of WWE’s “Big Four” for the year, officially kicks off The Road To WrestleMania.

While we still don’t even know much about the card for the Rumble yet, that has not stopped the rumors from rolling in regarding what matches we may-or may not-see when WrestleMania hits Tampa in April.

Once again, credit to Wrestling Observer for the information. As of this moment, all signs point to neither Tyson Fury nor Cain Velasquez being lined up to face Brock Lesnar on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

On the Fury note, this one makes logistical sense. He will have his rematch against Deontay Wilder on Febraury 22nd. There would be risks and concerns which make this hard to imagine. First, there’s the risk of a Fury injury. An injury from the bout could scuttle any ‘Mania plans. Then, there’s the logic. If Fury wins, he’d face Brock as a big boxing champion…hard to see him losing to Lesnar. But it’s also hard to imagine a special attraction like Fury becoming the WWE Champion.

WWE may want a Fury-Lesnar match, but it would seem to make more sense later in 2020. It also wouldn’t hurt to have Brock in the match without the WWE Championship.

For Velasquez, it seems we will see him at the Rumble in some capacity, but I’d argue that, should Lesnar presumably arrive in Tampa still as the WWE Champion, there might be others more logical to dethrone Lesnar.

Possible Names To Replace Samoa Joe

One name which I expect should pick up steam as we approach? John Cena. The two have a long rivalry to build from. Plus, there’s always Cena chasing the championship record. Such a match would line up with the earlier reports of Cena wanting to do something big at the event.

Fans have other ideas, too: