John Morrison Returns To WWE After Years Of Indie Wrestling

John Morrison

John Morrison left the WWE in 2012, but this did not stop him from building a massive indie career. As he has now confirmed, he got onto WWE’s radar again and has now re-signed with the company.

John Morrison’s Post-WWE Career

John Morrison Returning To WWE

Morrison had quite the career outside of the WWE. He worked for some of the biggest indie promotions when he left the WWE in 2012 including promotions such as Lucha Underground, AAA, and Impact Wrestling.

Despite being away from the WWE for a couple of years, Morrison has kept in touch with some of his personal friends on the roster. He is known to be friends with The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and Zack Ryder, who undoubtedly will be really happy to see their friend again.

Which Brand Would Be Best For John Morrison?


Morrison a.k.a. Johnny Mundo in the indies is a well-known wrestler, so he could easily be called up to the main roster. In fact, some people may remember him from the tag team he had alongside The Miz, even though it has been several years.

So, which brand is right for Morrison? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each brand.

Monday Night Raw

Seth Rollins WWE

With additional attention going to SmackDown Live and the current problems between Seth Rollins and the  WWE Universe, the Raw brand could use a little John Morrison infusion. At the moment, Monday Night Raw seems to struggle coming up with decent storylines and frankly interesting angles. Morrison on the Raw brand could change all that, providing there is a good opponent or feud for him to have.

SmackDown Live

Roman Reigns

I am less inclined to see Morrison put on SmackDown for a number of reasons. Even though John is a massive star and would sell the seats on SmackDown, I don’t believe the Smackdown brand has a place for another superstar like this. He would be much better off on a brand that requires his help, such as Raw.

On the flipside, there are tons of people on the SmackDown brand that could be good for a feud with Morrison. So, if the WWE already has their long-term plans, SmackDown might be the best option. After all, you don’t want Morrison to die a slow death backstage like other recent call-ups.



When it comes down to the place where Morrison will be welcomed with open arms, NXT is certainly that place. In fact, this is my personal preference for Morrison, as this brand attracts a certain type of wrestling fan. It is a brand that has fans who know John Morrison and his indie work.

WWE management must remember that Morrison has been away from World Wrestling Entertainment since 2012. This means not everyone will remember him. To ensure a proper transition to main roster wrestling, NXT could be the best choice. That being said, I could be underestimating Morrison’s recognition.

Despite the brand he will end up on, Morrison will be an outstanding addition to the WWE roster. It is a shrewd and amazing acquisition that is many years overdue.

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