Elias May Leave the WWE in 2020 to Join Chris Jericho at AEW

WWE Elias

Several popular wrestlers have left the WWE and moved to AEW. And, there are rumors swirling that others may be getting ready to make the move. However, there’s an unexpected wrestler who can be counted among the more popular performers that may be heading out and that’s Elias.

So, is there any truth to the rumor?

Elias Considering a Move to All Elite Wrestling?


With many wrestlers stating they are considering a move to AEW and then signing a new WWE contract days later, it is difficult to see the truth behind all the rumors. However, the rumor about Elias could actually be accurate.

WWE wrestler Elias was one of the wrestlers who was tagged in the famous Randy Orton post. Before he re-signed with the WWE, he posted a picture with “Elite Level” on Instagram. It had the caption “Tick tock tick tock.” In the post, he also tagged Dash Wilder, Luke Harper, Cody Rhodes, and Chris Jericho. Evidently, these are all wrestlers who are rumored to leave the WWE for AEW. Or they’re wrestlers who already belong to the brand.

Even though Orton re-signed with the WWE, it did not stop speculation for the other wrestlers who were tagged. While you may argue these wrestlers are waiting for a better contract, it would not be difficult to believe that they are looking for better opportunities at AEW.


Elias’ Contract Expires Next Year


Like the other wrestlers mentioned in the infamous post, the contract of “The Drifter” expires next year. So, if he is thinking about making the switch to All Elite, we should hear about it sooner rather than later.

As he has a successful gimmick, “The Drifter” could become a serious threat to WWE ratings if he were to move to AEW. While his use within the company has been abysmal lately, it doesn’t mean that he would no longer attract a serious crowd. In fact, if Elias continues his gimmick at AEW, I would be one of the people to tune in just for that.

Leverage for a Better Contract?


As mentioned previously, it is not uncommon for wrestlers to use the threat of AEW to get a better deal on the table. Even though Dean Ambrose was honest about his intentions, Randy Orton used All Elite to increase his market value.

Elias could be looking for a better deal. But, he has not been as vocal about an imminent departure compared to Orton. If someone is serious about making the move, keeping it on the down low might actually be the right kind of behavior.

Most of the actual switches to All Elite Wrestling have gone rather quickly including guys like Dean Ambrose and Tye Dillinger. Chris Jericho was also a major surprise, considering his status as a WWE veteran. Now, he is one of the poster boys for AEW.

At this point, I think a move would be the best thing for Elias. Even though his gimmick is insanely popular among the WWE Universe, he has yet to receive a serious opportunity as a wrestler. His gimmick will work at AEW as well and he could actually get some decent matches there. So, if this rumor is correct, I hope “The Drifter” does make the decision to move.

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