Sin Cara Requests WWE Release, Provides Explanation

Sin Cara Requests WWE Release, Provides Explanation

Sin Cara Request Release From WWE,  Tweets Out Why

Sin Cara Requests WWE Release, Provides Explanation

Earlier today, Sin Cara took to Twitter to announce that he requested to be released from WWE. The main point of the statement was that Sin Cara felt he never got the chance, despite always listening. 

Since the WWE Draft, the current RAW superstar worked a short feud against Andrade; which he lost. Before that, he was sidelined a few times with injuries and was mostly featured towards the bottom tier of the roster.

Several people have worn the Sin Cara mask as WWE apparently owns the name. Currently, the mask has been word by Jorge Arias for the past several years.

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Last night, after praying and considering it a lot, thinking about my children and their future, I made one of the most difficult but sensible decisions that I had to make in my professional wrestling career; I have asked for my WWE release.

Since I was a child, all I wanted to do was fight and all my life I have made decisions and sacrifices to put myself in a position to fulfill that dream. They are 20 long years of experience and total ethrega to my sport that I love and respect. I have traveled the world, met incredible people and fought for the incredible fans of the WWE Universe.

And I am so grateful for the opportunity they gave me, however, I realized that I am stuck in a place where I am not valued as an athlete or talent. I have worked hard and honestly for many years to polish my trade, I have been loyal, respectful, a team player, support and I have patiently waited for the opportunity to show the world everything I can do. Unfortunately, after all these years, that opportunity never came or I feel that it will ever come while I remain where I am.

Sin Cara’s Future Outside Of WWE

The best years of my professional wrestling career are coming and I think the best is yet to come! I am a healthy, disciplined man, respectful of my profession and its environment, of my companions and mainly of the public to whom I have never failed. This is not the end, on the contrary, this is the beginning of the next chapter and I am excited for what the future holds! (Isaiah 43: 18-19)

I want to thank WWE for this incredible chapter, I will always be grateful. Most importantly, thanks to the WWE Universe for its unwavering support and to all my public that in all parts of the world has supported me and showed its affection, the only way I can correspond is to continue providing myself with all the dedication, passion and professionalism that I have Always shown. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

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