R-Truth Regains 24/7 Championship After Monday Night Raw

R-Truth with the 24/7 Championship

Even when you watched Raw this week, you may have missed the fact that R-Truth regained his 24/7 Championship belt. The reason for that is that he regained the title during the post-show video.

R-Truth Plays Doctor To Regain 24/7 Championship

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R-Truth is known for finding original ways to entertain the crowd. It has been no different with his 24/7 Championship, which he is now the proud owner of again.

During this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, The Singh Brothers were chased by Erick Rowan and a bunch of other superstars in Boston. Believing they had successfully evaded the main group of hungry wrestlers, they forgot about the biggest threat of all.

When Samir Singh was taken backstage, his brother had no idea that the doctor – R-Truth – was in fact their biggest rival for the championship belt. He quickly recaptured the title and is officially the man with the most 24/7 title reigns.

Mixed Fan Responses

As you can imagine, the responses from the WWE universe were mixed. Of course, this is normal for wrestling fans.

Among some of the negative responses were fans commenting on how little the title really means. While I cannot say I disagree with that, it is still one of the most entertaining title belts out there. Should the WWE invest more time in this belt and make it mean something genuine? Of course!

It also needs to be said that some fans actually prefer the current nature of the 24/7 Championship. After all, the title is kept well away from the WWE Universal Championship and the WWE Championship. As noted in the reaction above, some fans prefer it that way. The current WWE product is not speaking to all fans anymore, so the 24/7 title does give something different for those fans. No matter how minimal it may appear.

Among the mixed fan responses, there are also fans who are tired of seeing R-Truth win it. Even though I may not agree with this myself, it does underline the idea that little attention is being paid to this title and its overall status. Nevertheless, the number of fans who do not like R-Truth as the 24/7 champion are minimal, so this is only a small percentage of fan reaction.

Some Fans Like It

The last group of fan reactions – the positive ones – is the one I count myself with. I genuinely love the idea of the 24/7 Championship and the entertainment it brings every week. The segments are minimal though and I would love to see some additional things happening with this title. While the comedy aspect of the title is undoubtedly great, there might been more room to grow. Why can’t we have larger segments with the 24/7 Championship? There is plenty of programming to fill within the WWE, so there is enough space for at least one regular match with the 24/7 Championship.

Would you like to see more of the 24/7 Championship? Or do you think the WWE should put its efforts somewhere else? Or maybe you support the current 24/7 champion?

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