Paul Heyman’s New Favorites, Latest On Sin Cara’s Release

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WWE Does Not Want To Grant Sin Cara’s Release

WWE Sin Cara

Sin Cara tweeted yesterday that he requested his release from WWE. As of now, WWE has not granted the request and Sin Cara remains a member of their roster.

According to PWInsider, word is that WWE will not be granting Sin Cara an early release. Ever since All Elite Wrestling, WWE has made it a point to not terminate their talent unless they committed an act that greatly damages the company’s image.

As for Sin Cara, he is reportedly still looking at another three years on his contract. There was talk of him wanting to pursue a career in MMA for Combate Americas, but there is no word if WWE would allow him to work for any other company; regardless if it was related to pro wrestling or MMA.

The person wearing the Sin Cara mask has changed several times under the WWE umbrella. There were high hopes for the superstar, but he quickly fell to the bottom of the tier. Since returning from injury, Sin Cara has been losing to Andrada in a series of matches.

Paul Heyman’s Guys For RAW

Paul Heyman has been a busy man the past few months as he was named the Executive Director of RAW. With Heyman having such a large say in what happens on Monday nights, we are starting to see some of the younger talent that he sees as a long-term investments.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned that Buddy Murphy, Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo are some of the names Heyman is investing in.

“Now it’s like Buddy Murphy who wasn’t even on the show, Ricochet, and Humberto Carrillo are the guys on the ascent unless they get screwed up like Cedric [Alexander] did when someone decided he shouldn’t be on the ascent and then blame me weeks later.”

It did seem like WWE had big plans for Alexander, but then he went on a losing streak to AJ Styles and seems to be out of any major storylines. Alexander’s loss means more opportunity for the other talent.

We have seen Murphy and Ricochet get some decent TV time since Heyman took charge. As for Carrillo, his push just started but WWE seems to have big plans for the young man.

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