John Cena Makes Generous Donation, Contemplates WrestleMania 36

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Despite John Cena’s busy schedule in Hollywood, he also makes time to support charities. Before Veterans Day, Cena set the goal of raising $1 million for FitOps. And, when that goal was met, he would match that donation with $1 million of his own money.

Cena Donates to FitOps, Supports Veterans

FitOps is a non-profit organization that was created to help veterans who are passionate about health and wellness to become certified personal trainers. The program gives them a new path and career for life after the service. Since Cena has always been quite involved with army charities, FitOps was the perfect pick.

Despite the fact that the United States puts a lot of importance into its army, many veterans are often forgotten when they return from war. Fortunately, charities like this give veterans an alternative career and future employment, something that is desperately needed.

Cena Misses Wrestling in The WWE

He’s also is well on his way to making a movie career that rivals that of The Rock. However, this does not mean that Big Match John has forgotten about the wrestling universe. In fact, he made a point of the fact he has never missed a WrestleMania.

Cena has stated many times that he misses the wrestling ring. Recently, he said he wasn’t aware of the challenge made by Randy Orton. He also claimed that he does not make the matches, but some interesting information followed.

“I wasn’t even aware of that. I never make the matches, I’m just grateful to be able to perform in WWE. Every day away from it, I miss it more and more and more. I’m becoming more honest with myself about how much I miss it. I’m very eager to get back into a WWE ring soon.”

Will Big Match John Make an Appearance at WrestleMania 36?

Randy Orton and John Cena

Now, the real question is if John Cena will make an appearance at WrestleMania 36. After all, Randy Orton’s challenge is out there and it would be outright weird not to have Cena appear on the grandest stage of them all. On the topic, the leader of the Cenation had the following thing to say.

“And on the subject of WrestleMania, I can tell you this—I haven’t missed a WrestleMania since my first appearance at WrestleMania 19, and I do not plan to miss a WrestleMania for decades to come.”

Strong words from the “You Can’t See Me” guy. But in which capacity will he appear? Will he be in attendance? Or maybe he will take Orton’s challenge? I have no doubt that the WWE will find something for him to do. It would be stupid not to include him. After all, Cena is a major draw for many fans, especially at WrestleMania. I cannot wait to see what they come up with for one of the largest talents and big-hearted wrestlers in history.

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