Jerry Lynn Needs Surgery + Cesaro To NXT + Liv Morgan New Gimmick?

Jerry Lynn Needs Surgery + Cesaro To NXT + Liv Morgan New Gimmick?

AEW Producer And Former World Champion Jerry Lynn Needs Surgery

In a bit of unfortunate news, it’s being reported that former world champion Jerry Lynn will need back surgery.

Lynn was a mainstay in ECW during it’s prime years, regularly wowing crowds around the world with his amazing in-ring abilities. He has worked for plenty of promotions during his career, and currently is working for All Elite Wrestling.

Lynn began experiencing what he termed as “debilitating back pain” earlier this year, and after further consultation, the star was advised he’d need surgery to correct a bulging disc in his back. This ailment kept him away from the recent AEW Full Gear PPV. Hopefully, with successful surgery, Lynn won’t have to miss any more PPV.

Would Cesaro Leave Main Roster And Return To NXT?

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It wasn’t all that long ago that it would seem insane to consider “demoting” a main roster Superstar to NXT. In fact, some now former WWE Superstars (such as the former Tye Dillinger) even went so far as to ask WWE to return them to the black and gold brand.

In Dillinger’s case, the request was denied, and he was eventually released.

In the months since, a lot has changed. NXT has a new home on the USA Network, and the brand is now responsible for a two hour live show every week. In addition to having a nice new home, WWE seems to have softened their position about no moves down to NXT.

We have seen some one-off special return engagements, but this is not what we are referring to. Rather, in 2019, we’ve seen Tyler Breeze and Fandango effectively leave main roster gigs to work for NXT.

Now, we have someone else chiming in that he’d be open to such a move. Cesaro said as much on WWE’s After The Bell.

It’s important to frame that as Cesaro does not want to jump down to NXT, preferring to finish things on the main roster…but he recognizes that it’s possible such a move wouldn’t be so terrible, either.

Liv Morgan Getting New Look?

We have not seen much of Liv Morgan in recent months. The Superstar, upon leaving WWE television, vowed to return and be more true to herself-but we never knew what she meant.

Now, Liv Morgan herself posted a picture on Twitter, and it has fans buzzing.

Specifically, could we be getting a goth Liv Morgan persona?

It’s an interesting thought to consider…and if WWE does indeed move Morgan in that direction, it’s at least worth wondering, but could Paige get involved as Morgan’s manager? Clearly, goth is an area which Paige has a great deal of familiarity with.