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The wrestling world was shocked when Finn Balor moved from the main roster to the NXT developmental brand. After all, Balor was an established superstar on the main roster. Evidently, there were some reasons why Finn Balor wanted to move from WWE’s main roster to the developmental brand. Now, those reasons have been revealed by the Demon King himself.

Finn Balor Turned To WWE’s Triple H

Triple H and Finn Balor in the WWE

When Finn found himself unhappy on the main roster, he turned to none other than NXT’s boss Triple H. The Game has been in the industry for many years and has become a mentor for many wrestlers. Fortunately, the pair were able to work something out, so the Demon King could be happy in his profession once more.

“It came to be a couple of months ago. Things weren’t going kind of as smoothly – well, I don’t want to say ‘as smoothly’. I just wasn’t happy where I was at on RAW and SmackDown; I had a conversation with Hunter, we pinged some ideas back and forth, I took a little time off and came back in NXT. It’s all been awesome since.”

I remember watching Finn on the main roster a few months back and commented to my other half that his spark seemed gone. Turns out I wasn’t mistaken.

Established But Still Green

Finn Balor

In addition to speaking about his return to NXT, Balor also spoke about his experience on the main roster. While he did admit he would not change anything because he learned a lot, he also admitted that he was still green after being on the roster for a year.

We have to remember that Balor suffered from a lot of injuries when he came to main roster WWE. Despite winning the Universal Championship and becoming the first hold of that title, he had to relinquish it soon after. When he beat Roman Reigns on Raw, he admits he was still pretty green. However, fans did not seem to notice and he enjoyed a great amount of support.

Despite being an established wrestler in the eyes of many fans, he also admits that he had to learn how things worked on the main roster. Like most of us suspect, things are quite different on the WWE’s main roster.

“I was still learning, still trying to figure out the way of the land, figure out what works in the WWE style because the WWE style is totally different from anything. It’s different from NXT, it’s different from Japan, it’s different from Mexico, it’s different from Europe.”

With his return to the developmental brand, Finn admits he feels like he has an advantage over everyone. He has travelled the world and wrestled for all kinds of promotions. Therefore, he certainly has the experience that will draw many viewers to NXT. It’s only a matter of time before fans are used to Finn on NXT. I’m not sad about it either, because there he can truly shine brighter than on the main roster.