Elias Back Soon? + Superstar Returns Delayed

Will Elias Be Back Soon?


While nothing has been announced, recent rumblings are pointing to a return by Elias sooner than later.

The WWE Superstar, who has spent time this year as a face and a heel (in short order, no less), has been on the shelf with a broken ankle.

While the roster has enough depth that his absence has not been crippling, his return will be a boost.

At the time of his injury, he was getting more involved in key programs, and should arguably be in line for a decent push upon his return to the ring.

Depending on exactly how close he is to a return, it will be interesting to see if WWE brings him back immediately, or if they take their time and hold him out until the right opportunity.

Given that Survivor Series is a couple weeks out, should a team have a mystery member, Elias would seem to be a logical option at that point.

If he’s not back by the November PPV, it’s worth considering if WWE would hold him out of action until the Royal Rumble, as a returning Elias would certainly make for a nice “surprise” entrant in the annual event.

Injured Superstars Returns Being Delayed?

WWE Sheamus

While Elias seems to be nearing a return, a couple other notable Superstars seem to be enduring setbacks on their own roads back.

Specifically, Jinder Mahal and Sheamus.

Both men have held multiple WWE championships. Sheamus has been off television for a longer stretch. Jinder Mahal was actually (curiously) selected during the most recent draft activities.

Because Mahal was drafted, it was thought at that time that perhaps the Superstar was reasonably close to an in ring return. Now, he did only have knee surgery in June, so he wasn’t necessarily expected back in 2019, but his timeline may be getting longer.

The Superstar himself has said he was aiming for an early 2020 return (perhaps another Rumble entrant), but it seems like that date may not be a certainty.

Sometimes, rehabbing a knee injury comes with setbacks, and it sounds like Jinder has had one.

Another Superstar who has been out for a while is Sheamus.

The former champion has been sidelined due to concussion related concerns, but the Observer reported a month or so back that he’s been cleared for a return.

Now, pressure is on WWE Creative to figure out the proper way and program for him to return for.

Initially, it was thought that Sheamus would have also been a draft pick during those festivities, but he was not.

While with Mahal, the delay seems to be related to recovery from the injury, in the case of Sheamus, no one is certain.

It’s possible his delay is tied to a lack of a Creative direction. It’s also possible (though hopefully not the case) that he suffered a new setback of his own, tied to his concussions.

It’s just as possible, once again given the timing and all the moving parts, that WWE decided his return is worth holding off until a better opportunity arises (say, the Rumble, or developing a program where they can reunite him with Cesaro?)