Booker T Responds To Jordan Myles Quitting WWE

Jordan Myles announced he was quitting the WWE in an explicit social media message this week. Evidently, reporters are looking for an update on the situation. One person who has responded is none other than Booker T, two-time WWE Hall of Famer.

Jordan Myles Situation Recap

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Before we move to the comments of Booker T, let us recap the situation with Jordan Myles. Recently, a T-shirt was released for Myles by the WWE. However, the wrestler claimed the T-shirt was racist and told the world by social media. However, this got him in some hot water with the company.

While most people believed the situation would die down, Myles did not let up on social media and even referred to the WWE as racist. It eventually led to Myles posting a message on social media stating he quit the company.

Booker T Responds

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Booker T was careful with the statements he made and rightfully so. This situation is explosive to say the least and Myles is very angry at the moment. Obviously, the two-time Hall of Famer is trying to avoid conflict. Here are some of the most notable things he said.

“I don’t know where it’s going to go from here. I have been on this earth for 54 years and if you think one person is something, call them that, … but I cannot judge a group and say everybody is that. When you make a blanket statement like that you do no justice for yourself or the culture.”

This is quite the important statement in my book. While he does not make a strong pro or con statement, he does seem to warn ACH (which Jordan Myles now wants to be called) that calling an entire company racist can hurt his cause.

Booker T did show some understanding for Jordan’s situation.

“I could have easily could have judged everyone the same way after my situation of going to prison, being a kid who had never been in trouble before and for the first time being locked up in the back of a police car saying that, ‘the system did me wrong. I hate everybody of that color,’ you know what I mean? If I did that, I would have done myself an injustice more than anything and I think that is the situation that I want to make clear here. The way he’s going by this, he’s doing himself an injustice.”

There is a stark contrast between the reaction of Myles and Booker T to their respective situations. It is difficult to comment on this situation, because I believe something else may have happened that caused Myles to react in the way he did. Maybe we will hear more details in the months to come. For now, all we can do is wait out the situation and see how it develops in the coming weeks. I’m curious to hear an interview with Myles and learn more of the details surrounding this situation.

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