WWE Reportedly Signs Notable Indy Talent

If you follow the indy scene, you might have heard the name Jake Atlas.

If you don’t follow the indy scene, you may not have.

In either case, it appears that WWE fans will be hearing his name (or, whatever new moniker WWE creates) in 2020 and beyond.

According to Last Word On Pro Wrestling and elsewhere, WWE signed the rising star recently, and he will report to the WWE Performance Center in 2020.

Aside from his rapid rise (he garnered Rookie of the Year awards only in 2017), Atlas is sure to be noticed as he is very out and open about who he is, or what he represents. Specifically, Atlas is one of the more successful “out” wrestlers. In WWE, he would join Sonya DeVille as an open LGBTQ Superstar.

The young athlete is talented in the ring and gaining a brighter spotlight will only help him, and should also help him become a role model for other LGBTQ individuals (and, for that matter, anyone else who struggles to be themselves).

Best of luck to Jake Atlas!

WWE 2K20 Is Suffering From Major Glitches

WWE 2K20 was released on Tuesday. It has not been going well.

Many new games suffer from early quirks, with developers desperate to hit announced release dates. At least now, they might have the opportunity to offer patches to be downloaded that can fix some bugs…but according to social media….WWE 2K20 has some really bad bugs and glitches. See for yourself: