WWE Rumors That Were Blown Out Of Proportion!

Sasha Banks and Bayley

The wrestling business is certainly subject to lots of rumors. This applies to every promotion, including the WWE. In recent history, there have been loads of WWE rumors that appeared blown out of proportion or completely untrue afterwards. Here are some of the most notable.

Biggest Of The 2019 WWE Rumors – Sasha Banks And Bayley Throw Hissy Fit After Losing Titles

WWE Rumors Bayley and Sasha Banks

Bayley and Sasha Banks were subject to some of the worst WWE rumors this year. One big rumor was that both Bayley and Sasha Banks threw a tantrum when they lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Nobody really knows where the rumor originated from, or if there is some slight truth to the matter. However, Bayley and Banks have vehemently denied the incident. Unfortunately, the rumor would cause even more issues for Banks down the line.

Sasha Banks Deliberately Hurt Paige

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One of the nastiest and frankly heartbreaking WWE rumors was that Sasha Banks injured Paige on purpose. The injury would later end Paige’s career, leading to fans attacking Banks.

Naturally, Banks did not injure Paige on purpose. Paige’s neck was always a problem, as she has been wrestling for a really long time. It is unfortunate that Banks had to carry the brunt of all the attacks.

Sasha Banks Asked For Her WWE Release

Sasha Banks

As you can see, Banks has suffered a lot of backlash this year, mostly for WWE rumors that were completely unfounded. Shortly after her return, Banks revealed the true reason for her long absence after losing the tag team championships. She revealed she was struggling with depression in one of the WWE chronicles. So, this was another case of speculation adding fuel to the fire.

Corey Graves’ Marriage Split After Affair With Carmella

Corey Graves And Carmella

Corey Graves and Carmella had to deal with some serious backlash this year as well. As could be seen on the most recent episode of Total Divas, Carmella had to deal with some serious backlash, being accused of being a homewrecker. What many people did not know at the time, is that Corey and his wife had broken up months before he started dating Carmella. His ex would later post on social media that Corey and Carmella had an affair, causing all the following speculation.

Kenny Omega Will Enter The WWE’s Royal Rumble

Kenny Omega has little love for the WWE, but this did not prevent him from being subject to one of the biggest WWE rumors of the year.

Even though the Royal Rumble was jam-packed with superstars such as Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, a persistent rumor claimed that Kenny Omega would make an appearance at the rumble. The rumor was started by none other than John Cena and Omega was more than happy to play along.

As it stands, Kenny Omega has lots of ties to AEW and New Japan. The chances of him appearing at the Royal Rumble are astronomically small. Nevertheless, Omega might perform on a WWE stage one day.

Alexa Bliss Photo Leak

WWE rumors Alexa Bliss

Personal photographs leaking to the media has been a real plague over the past two years. Several superstars have fallen victim to it; this includes Paige, Victoria, Fandango, Seth Rollins, and Charlotte Flair. So, when the rumor came that Alexa Bliss had some pictures leaked on the internet, many fans bought into the story.

As Alexa bliss is a popular female superstar, it is no surprise why this became one of the biggest WWE rumors. Even though there was no leak, it did not stop fans from googling the potential pictures.

Alexa Bliss was not the only one who encountered a fake leak. Big E, one of the three members of The New Day, was rumored to have some photographs leaked too. As with Alexa Bliss, these WWE rumors were untrue.

Rusev And Lana Request Their Release

Rusev and Lana

WWE rumors such as this one are far from rare, especially when you consider how many superstars have requested their release over the past two years. However, the rumor that Lana and Rusev asked for their release appeared to be unfounded.

Despite the fact that both Lana and Rusev have denied the WWE rumors of leaving the company, similar reports keep on popping up. The rumors often appear on The Wrestling Observer, but later appear to be far from the truth. If Lana and Rusev were to ask for their release in the future, I doubt anyone will believe the story again.


The Chris Benoit Sacrifice

There are plenty of conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Chris Benoit, who murdered his wife and young son several years ago. Benoit committed suicide shortly after the murders.

Fans have always had problems believing Benoit was responsible for the murders. Rumors have gone around that Kevin Sullivan was behind the deaths at the Benoit residence. Wild stories went around that Kevin’s religious cult sacrificed the family. It was claimed Kevin exacted revenge because Chris’ wife nancy left Kevin years before to marry Chris Benoit. Of course, subsequent police investigation proved Benoit killed his family and himself. Unfortunately, the crime would stain his legacy forever.

Big Show’s Death

The Big Show

One of the most ludicrous WWE rumors was the supposed death of WWE superstar The Big Show. Fake death rumors are not that uncommon these days, but that did not make it less uncomfortable or shocking for the former WWE Champion.

In December 2016, a wrestling blog claimed that The Big Show had passed away in a car accident. Evidently, the story got picked up by other media channels and soon spread like wildfire. Big Show would debunk the rumors by posting on social media.

Unfortunately, The Big Show is not the only WWE superstar who has been exposed to fake death reports. In fact, The Rock allegedly died in 2011 and John Cena in 2015. Interestingly, the fake story surrounding John Cena also involved him dying in a car accident. Talk about clickbait!

The Impact of WWE Rumors

Being a celebrity can be quite difficult. Just look at the impact rumors had on Sasha Banks this year. It is vital to check the facts and to look at news with a serious grain of salt. This is a value that WrestleNewz attempts to uphold.

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