WWE Morale Still Low + Xavier Woods Suffers Injury Down Under

WWE Morale Still Low-Changes Coming?

We’ve heard several times during recent months that the WWE locker room may or may not have issues. Several times, reports have surfaced that morale was at an all time low-though those have usually been quickly refuted.

With a bunch of changes in recent weeks-NXT debuted on USA, SmackDown moved to Fox-one might think that these changes would help boost morale.

However, according to Wrestling Observer, morale is still low, or perhaps low again. The Observer speculates that there could even be releases coming, which is surprising.

While several wrestlers have asked for-and continue to ask for-their release (Mike Kanellis and Luke Harper specifically), there have been reports that WWE would be keeping anyone they could keep. In fact, there were even reports that the 3 strikes rule for Wellness violations was completely relaxed, as WWE wants to ensure no one on it’s roster jumps to AEW and burns WWE.

Regardless of what happens, with so many reports out there that morale is an issue, there may be an issue that requires fixing. With All Elite alive and well, wrestlers are well aware that there are new options available to them, whenever they are out of their current deals. If WWE doesn’t rectify whatever issues are plaguing the locker room, they may lose the new wrestling war without much of a fight.

Xavier Woods Suffers Apparent Injury Down Under

In some unfortunate news, New Day member Xavier Woods has apparently suffered an injury on the SmackDown tour through Australia today.

During a tag match, Woods came off the ropes and fell to the mat, grabbing at his knee or lower leg. As with other major sports, a non-contact injury like that often ends up being an Achilles injury, or perhaps an ACL tear. In either case, if proven true, the injury could put Woods on the sidelines for close to a year. Woods himself believes it’s an Achilles injury, based on his earlier Twitter post.

If the injury proves to be as bad as it might be, it would be bad luck for Woods. Hopefully he makes a speedy recovery whatever the diagnosis may be, and WWE makes use of him in some fashion between now and his return.