Women Working Crown Jewel + Rock-UFC Announcement Friday

Women Working Crown Jewel + Rock-UFC Announcement Friday

Historic Women’s Match Booked For Thursday’s Crown Jewel Event

In a bit of news that can only really be called way overdue, the WWE has announced that, finally, there will be a women’s match on a Saudi Arabian card. Specifically, there will be a women’s match Thursday as part of Crown Jewel.

The two history-making women will be Lacey Evans and Natalya.

The obvious comment here is that this is an awesome milestone for women and in Saudi Arabia. That Natalya is one of the women chosen is a big honor for the long-tenured multi-generational Superstar. Lacey Evans as her opponent might seem a bit more surprising (outside of they’ve been working a lot together lately), and perhaps folks might have hoped for a title match, or at least something involving one of the bigger Superstars (Lynch, Flair, Banks etc).

In the end, we finally have a women’s match.History will be made tomorrow.

UFC Related Announcement From The Rock On Friday

Will The Rock Appear Next Week + Fox Making Commercial Changes?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a very busy man. Perhaps he’s about to get busier?

Per PWInsider, The Rock has a “big announcement” to make at a Friday press conference ahead of the next big UFC show.

The Rock was already scheduled to be in attendance, as he is set to present the “BMF Belt” to the winner of the Masvidal/Diaz fight on Saturday evening.