Will The Bella Twins Return To Wrestling This Friday?

Bella Twins Returning WWE

The Bella Twins are good at getting people to talk about them. It is no different this time, as the rumor is going around that Brie and Nikki might be returning to wrestling this week.

The Bella Twins On Friday Night SmackDown?

The Bella Twins

It has been a while since we have seen The Bella Twins in the wrestling ring. However, this could all change on Friday. After a series of social media posts by Nikki Bella on Instagram, fans believe they are returning to SmackDown Live this Friday.


In addition to posing in a boxing ring, Nikki Bella also posted a picture of her wrestling hat and ring gear. Needless to say, fans went wild because of the prospect.

What Have The Bella Twins Been doing?

The Bella Twins

Since leaving their wrestling careers, The Bella Twins stayed busy. In 2017, Brie and Nikki launched their own wine called Belle Radici. The wine would be an incredible success. In 2019, Brie Bella stated the following:

“Nicole and I have always wanted to be winemakers, but we didn’t think we would be able to do that until our 50s. But when our friends in Napa came to us and said, ‘We really want to do a wine line with you,’ how do you say no to that?”

In addition to their own range of wine, the Bella Twins still have their own line of activewear, too. They started the business in 2017 too and it has remained successful until this day.

Even though The Bella Twins have officially retired from wrestling, they have made some sporadic returns since their departure. It is now expected that they will make a single return to SmackDown Live.

SmackDown on Fox Promotion

Compared to previous events, SmackDown’s promotion has increased in quite the dramatic manner. Not only are there rumored returns, such as those of The Rock and The Bella Twins, the promos themselves are pretty great.

Last week, we got the opportunity to witness SmackDown’s Greatest Hits. Even though it was a compilation of some of the older SmackDown stuff, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of my personal favorite moments were included, which made me look forward to a product I already know. Even though SmackDown has not been spectacular lately, it could all change.

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