Undertaker Spotted At The Gym, Causing Saudi Arabia Speculation!

The Undertaker

The Undertaker recently uploaded some gym photographs to his social media account. As such, fans have been speculating that he may be appearing during Crown Jewel. While it is a major leap from some simple gym pictures to another pay-per-view appearance, let’s take a look if there is any truth to the rumor.

Undertaker at the Gym


A fan managed to get a hold of a recent picture of The Undertaker at the gym. It is clear that he has lost a considerable amount of weight. But, he also looks to be in incredible shape, which makes fans speculate about a possible appearance at Crown Jewel.

It would not be the first time that The Undertaker makes an appearance at a Saudi Arabia pay-per-view. In fact, The Undertaker has been the main character of the Saudi Arabia pay-per-views. Therefore, another appearance in Saudi Arabia would certainly not be that unusual.

SmackDown Live Absence

The Undertaker

With the launch of SmackDown Live on Fox Network, a lot of fans expected to see The Undertaker. After all, he was used in much of the promotional material that was released before the first episode of SmackDown of Fox aired.


As he was advertised for SmackDown Live, but subsequently did not appear, many fans were left disappointed. He did post a throwback photograph for the SmackDown Live launch, but did not make an appearance. Later, he would state on social media:

“I was told I wasn’t needed”

The Fiend Versus The Phenom?

Clash In A Nutshell: Quite A Night In The Queen City

Some fans are speculating that there is a massive feud in the works between The Phenom and The Fiend. Given their equally scary gimmicks, this would not be a stretch of the imagination. In fact, I would not be surprised if this feud were to take place at Saudi Arabia’s Crown Jewel.

Crown Jewel

Evidently, Crown Jewel is not the most beloved pay-per-view for the home crowd. So, I would much rather see this match on another platform. After all, I think home fans would not be too happy if this match took place in Saudi Arabia, a location that has been heavily criticised.

Even though The Phenom did not appear during the launch of SmackDown Live, I heavily doubt it will be the last appearance for The Undertaker. Despite being over 50, The Phenom is still in very good shape and can still put up a match.

Based on interviews in the past, it has been clear that The Phenom does not really know what to do upon retirement. Even though he officially retired some time ago, he has made sporadic appearances. During an interview, he mentioned wrestling made up most of his life, so it is no surprise that he wants to keep doing this as long as possible.

Retirement does not mean that you don’t have a role in the WWE anymore. Just look at legends such as Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. As The Undertaker is most certainly part of that circle, I think we will be able to enjoy him for many more years to come.

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