Tyson Fury Receives Big Praise, Superstar Donating Crown Jewel Pay

Tyson Fury Receives Big Praise

Triple H Impressed By Tyson Fury’s Athletic Ability

Tyson Fury’s WWE Situation

To be a lineal world champion in boxing, it means you are the very best at what you do. For Tyson Fury, that is boxing, but apparently his pro wrestling skills are impressive. 

Triple H spoke to Bleacher Report about the training ahead of Fury’s match against Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel. Fury is currently working out of the WWE Performance Center and Triple H was surprised how quick the 6 foot, 9 nine fighter is picking up the business. 

“I was blown away,” said Triple H. “I sent Vince [McMahon] a video of him about 45 minutes after the first day he was at the Performance Center and I said, ‘You’re not going to believe this, look at what he’s already doing.’”

For Fury, this will be his first time competing inside a wrestling ring, although he unsuccessfully tried to make a deal happen with WWE years ago.

“[Fury]  picks it up so quickly because he’s so laser-focused on it. He wants to put on this epic show and has the desire for it to be great and he’s asking for more; he wants more; he’s jumping in with both feet. It’s almost like having to pull the reins back a little bit to get him to slow down and say, ‘maybe we don’t want to do that quite yet.’ It’s amazing to see that level of dedication.”

Fury is 29-0 with 1 draw in boxing and the English fighter could follow the steps of other combat sport athletes and switch to WWE. We have seen Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey become major players and now Cain Velasquez and Matt Riddle look to follow in the same path.

Catch Crown Jewel on the WWE Network October 31 from Saudi Arabia.

Ali Donating Crown Jewel Paycheck To Charity

Speaking of Crown Jewel, we learned on SmackDown that Ali will be part of Team Hogan. Like the previous time Ali competed in Saudi Arabia, he will be donating his entire paycheck.

WWE has a 10 year deal with Saudi Arabia and it is a controversial one. Several superstars have declined to attend and some are not allowed per the Saudi Arabian government. 

Ali is involved in one of the major matches on the card, so it would be hard for someone still new to the company to pass on the offer. Despite all the criticism surrounding WWE’s deal with Saudi Arabia, at least Ali is using his spot to help others.

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