Tyson Fury Crown Jewel Haul + Maria Kanellis Talks About Mike’s Request

Tyson Fury Crown Jewel Haul + Maria Kanellis Talks About Mike's Request

What Will Tyson Fury Earn For Crown Jewel?

With boxing heavyweight Tyson Fury getting involved with WWE now, everyone might be asking just how much the champ is pulling in, just for a single match. If the reports from the Daily Mail are even close to correct, Tyson Fury has gotten himself quite a payday for his one match with Braun Strowman in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Specifically, the deal is purported to be in the realm of fifteen million dollars. As in, $15,000,000. That is a lot of coin for a single match, and based on numbers that can be found online, that single payday dwarves many full-time WWE Superstar salaries.

There are plenty of questions to ask as follow ups, of course. Is the deal really $15 million? Is it really just for the single match? Will WWE actually recoup that investment by way of ticket sales and Network subscriptions?

Personally, my answers would be: maybe it is. It is a 1 match deal for now, and I would bet they do not recover that investment in any form of merch or ticket sales (and they probably won’t tell us anyways).

Maria Kanellis Speaks Out About Husband’s Request For WWE Release

Mike Kanellis Request His WWE Release In Lenghty Twitter Post

This one isn’t weird at all…

A few days ago, WWE Superstar Mike Kanellis made a public declaration that he was asking for his WWE release. It was out on social media, and there was just no hiding from it.

This seems a bit strange, considering that the couple did just re-sign over the summer, however Mike Kanellis did spell out compelling reasons for wanting out.

Of course, for fans, it’s somewhat funny to see this, because on WWE television she is nasty toward her husband…but of course, that’s the act.

Maria did acknowledge elsewhere that, while her husband has asked for his release, she has not asked for her own (yet).

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