The WWE Does Not Know What To Do With Johnny Gargano

Johnny Gargano

The WWE does not know where it will place Johnny Gargano when it comes to the superstar shakeup. Gargano is one of the most talented and gifted wrestlers of our time. However, the company is unsure what to do with him at this point.

Johnny Gargano Wants To Stay At NXT

Johnny Gargano

Even though the WWE does not know what to do with Johnny Gargano, sources in the WWE state that he prefers to stay in NXT. You cannot blame him though. Just look at how it went for some of the more recent call-ups to the main roster. It would be a shame for a talent like Gargano’s to be wasted on the main roster.

Main Roster Versus NXT

Johnny Gargano

While it can sound a little ludicrous that the WWE does not know what to do with Johnny Gargano, it actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it. On one hand, the main roster could seriously use a wrestling talent like Gargano. However, NXT is taking on AEW at the moment, so can they really lose one of their biggest attractions?

Other Talent That May Be Included In The Draft

Adam Cole

It has been said that NXT will be included in the draft, but it is not clear which superstars will be included. There is no shortage of potential candidates. The developmental roster is packed with exciting talent that could be beneficial for Raw and SmackDown.

One of the biggest talents on the roster at this point is Adam Cole, as well as his faction The Undisputed Era. This faction could prove valuable to take on other factions on the main roster such as The New Day. So, if the WWE are looking for interesting angles and storylines, this is one that is ripe for the picking.

In addition to Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano, we cannot forget about the Velveteen Dream. He is one of the more prolific singles on the roster and could be quite the visitor draw for main roster events. While it could be more beneficial for him to remain on NXT and capture a few more championship runs, he is bound to capture a title on the main roster quickly. If the WWE handles it well, that is.

Female Talent on NXT Roster

There is also no shortage of female talent on the NXT roster. Bianca Belair is one of the most notable, although she is still in need of a title run before she moves on from developmental. That being said, Alexa Bliss never captured a singles title on the NXT roster. So, not holding any titles does not necessarily mean you will do poorly on main roster WWE.

Mia Yim could also be a great addition to the main roster. Although I believe she could benefit more from a lengthy title reign as the NXT women’s champion. Of course, that brings us to Shayna Baszler, who has been one of the more dominating women’s champions. Bringing her to the main roster could certainly bring a boost to the women’s division.

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