More WWE Main Roster Wrestlers Going Back To NXT

Finn Balor NXT

Main roster wrestlers now get the opportunity to get back to NXT, at least if they get the permission from Vince McMahon. Finn Balor was one of the most recent superstars to return to developmental. Now, it would seem that some of the other stars that fell through the booking cracks could be returning to NXT also.

Superstars Who Could Return To NXT

Finn Balor

There is no shortage of wrestlers who could make a return to NXT. Several have been rumored to request a return, while others have been put forward by wrestling fans. Below, you will find the most notable talent that could return to developmental.

Undervalued Asuka


Even though the Kabuki Warriors have been getting more attention lately, Asuka could be heading back to developmental. After all, she holds the record for the longest title reign and was one of the most successful women on the roster.

Neglected EC3


This is the wrestler who probably needs the move the most. After all, EC3 barely got started on the developmental brand when he got called up to main. Unfortunately, his appearances on the main roster have been limited.

The Suffering Swiss Superman Cesaro


While it is almost too ridiculous to believe for wrestling fans, Vince McMahon finds Cesaro bland. Evidently, this explains why the WWE’s CEO has yet to give The Swiss Superman a serious push. Aside from his woes on the main roster, I’m sure Triple H would love Cesaro on NXT. Now that he is marked as a free agent after the superstar draft, it may happen.

One of NXT’s Biggest Success Stories Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode

One of NXT’s most enigmatic successes quickly turned sour on the main roster. When you look at how the main roster handled Bobby Roode, now known as Robert Roode, it is not difficult to see why. Another prime example of wasted NXT talent and the lack of knowledge plaguing main roster officials.

Underused Andrade Cien Almas

NXT Andrade Cien Almas

Andrade Cien Almas is another former NXT champion that simply did not get a shot on the main roster. It is extremely difficult to understand why. After all, Andrade had some amazing matches against Rey Mysterio. Still, it seems the main roster refuses to acknowledge his talent. The only reason we haven’t forgotten him is due to his relationship with Charlotte. Frankly, this is so wrong…

The Most Overdue NXT Return? Apollo Crews

WWE Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews is a former NXT superstar that can’t seem to stand up in the main roster. While he has no shortage of talent, his gimmick has always been a bit of a problem. By letting him return to NXT, Crews can figure out a better gimmick and work on his connection with the WWE Universe. It would be a shame to let a wrestler like this slip through the booking cracks.

Pirate Princess Kairi Sane

Kairi Sane

Kairi Sane is taking a similar route as Asuka’s. Even though extremely successful on the NXT roster, main roster fans have no idea who she is or what her gimmick is. A true shame, as she has one of the most original gimmicks.

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