MMA WWE anti-bullying

A 12-year-old boy named Rayden Overbay suffers from autism. He is also partially deaf and has diabetes. So things have not been that easy for him. Unfortunately, Rayden also gets bullied at his school. Now, the WWE and MMA fighters are looking to help Rayden.

Stand Up To Bullies #StandwithRayden

For those of you who are rather sensitive, please do not watch the video. It is absolutely heartbreaking. Not only is Rayden being bullied, he is being physically and verbally attacked by boys and girls from his school.

Evidently, many people are angry after seeing the viral videos of Rayden. They want the bullies expelled and punished. The outrage of viewers sparked the #StandwithRayden campaign, where people give their support. Big names from the WWE and the MMA world have already joined the fray.

Justin Wren Stands With Rayden

Just Wren MMA

MMA legend Justin Wren is one of the biggest contributors to the #StandwithRayden campaign. He has done loads to fix the situation for Rayden, and also to help him to stand up for himself. Wren runs Fight for the Forgotten that helps to empower those who don’t have a voice.

Due to being attacked, Rayden suffered concussions. Wren took him to a hyperbaric treatment center for medical help. And, introduced him to some amazing new foods such as cotton candy grapes.

In addition to helping him with medical issues, Wren also arranged for Rayden to meet his favorite sports heroes including WWE’s Mick Foley.

“Thankfully, Rayden’s dad says the school has taken swift and prompt action. I can’t speak about whats happened with the kids because they’re minors, but they are taking action and they are being held accountable.”

WWE’s Aleister Black Reaches Out

Aleister Black

One WWE superstar who reached out because of the bullying incident is none other than Aleister Black. Black was recently in the news as he revealed his struggles with anxiety and depression. Now, he wants to do something about the bullying in Rayden’s school.

Aleister‘s idea is just as important as supporting Rayden directly. After all, bullying is not new; it’s been happening for years. However, social media makes these things a lot more obvious. Only by educating children and by punishing bullies can things turn around.

WWE Superstar Titus O’ Neil Sorts Out A Visit

WWE superstar Titus O’Neil has been very involved in the company’s anti-bullying campaign, as well as other charitable work. Aleister tagged O’Neil in his tweet for a reason since he is the man to speak to for anti-bullying campaigns and speeches.

O’Neil responded to Aleister’s tweet and confirmed that things have been arranged. He also stated he would give the details to Aleister soon. So, it would seem like the WWE is heading to the school in Oklahoma.