Brock Lesnar

Lots of things happened during the WWE superstar draft. One of the most noticeable events was the move of Brock Lesnar to SmackDown Live. The draft also pulled apart Carmella and R-Truth. More details about these moves, and the reasons behind them, have now been revealed.

Brock Lesnar No Longer With Paul Heyman On Raw

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar

While it was expected that Brock Lesnar would be moved to SmackDown Live, it is still strange that The Beast did not end up on Paul Heyman’s brand. However, there seems to be a strategy for the move, as Fox could have requested the switch.

Wrestling Observer Radio speculates that Brock Lesnar is a placeholder at the moment. They believe he has been assigned to SmackDown Live until Ronda Rousey returns. As there has been significant speculation about Rousey, this could very well be the case.

“I think that it was an executive decision at FOX that they had to get Brock Lesnar because they’re not getting Ronda Rousey, at least for a while.” – Wrestling Observer Radio

R-Truth And Carmella Are No More

Carmella and R-Truth

Despite being a successful duo who made the dance break cool, Carmella and R-Truth have been pulled apart during the draft. Even though the WWE did not give R-Truth and Carmella the attention they deserved, many fans are still sad about the split.

Wrestling Observer Radio has revealed a theory that could explain why R-Truth and Carmella were split up. Apparently, there seems to be a business as well as a personal reason.

Carmella was moved to SmackDown Live because of Corey Graves. As you may know already, Graves and Carmella have been dating for a little while. While dating is no guarantee that WWE will keep you together, most couples are put on the same brand.

You may argue that R-Truth should have ended up on SmackDown too in order to keep the pair together. However, you have to remember that the 24/7 Championship was an idea from USA Network. It is unlikely that USA Network would want to give the idea to their rival Fox, which explains why R-Truth ended up on Raw instead.

Future Implications Of The Brand Split

Brock lesnar and paul heyman

Even though R-Truth and Carmella’s split does have some consequences for the 24/7 Championship, as it seems only Raw superstars can capture that title now. It could also go to NXT talent, as this show is also on USA Network.

You do have to wonder what will happen to the WWE Championship if Brock Lesnar is a placeholder for Ronda Rousey. There is sufficient talent on SmackDown, but there might not be many plans in place for the title in the nearby future. This is especially the case if the rumors about Ronda Rousey are true.

The upcoming weeks on Raw and SmackDown will be extremely interesting to say the least. There are definitely changes afoot on both brands. The only remaining question is how far-reaching those changes will be. At WrestleNewz, we will keep a close eye on developments in the coming weeks.