Baron Corbin Loves Being Hated By The WWE Universe

Baron Corbin Loves Being Hated By The WWE Universe

Whether you love or hate him, Baron Corbin has left his stamp on the WWE this year. Winning the King of the Ring dubbed him “King Corbin,” giving the fans more fuel to hate him.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Corbin revealed everything about being a heel. He also acknowledged that being hated by wrestling fans does not bother him at all. As we say in England: “Good on ya, mate.”

Baron Corbin Does Not Get His Feelings Hurt

Baron Corbin

During the interview, Baron Corbin admitted that he is lucky, because nobody can hurt his feelings. As a WWE superstar, it is certainly important to have a thick skin, especially when you encounter a lot of negativity from fans.

In addition to talking about general negativity from fans, Baron Corbin also spoke about social media. Interestingly, he had quite the unique take on the negativity fans bring to the table, and frankly it’s brilliant.

“Social media is kind of a double-edged sword because you do deal with so much negativity it’s ridiculous. But I also think that those people are going to be negative regardless. There’s nothing you can do to please these people, but the good thing is they’re also telling you what they don’t like, so you can use that in your character.”

King Corbin revealed that his trademarked vest was actually a result from social media backlash. Many people commented on how much they hated the vest on social media. So, Corbin decided to wear the suit vest as a part of his character. You have to admire his heel qualities.

The Evolution Of Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin

I have been following Baron Corbin since NXT. While I did like him in NXT, something changed when he came to the main roster. Up until this day, I have absolutely no idea what it was that turned me away from The Lone Wolf. Fortunately, I can now appreciate his work as a heel a whole lot more than I did some months ago.

Shortly after he came up from NXT, Corbin hit the main roster with his Lone Wolf persona. Vince allegedly took a liking to him and it quickly became clear that a big future was waiting for The Lone Wolf on the main roster.

Unfortunately, there came a time where The Lone Wolf character was no longer needed. When Corbin got a manager role on Raw, he needed to drop his alternative style and wear something corporate.

During the interview, Corbin revealed it took him a long time to find a pair of trousers and dress shirt he could wrestle in. He also revealed he was quite happy to cut his hair.

“Cutting the hair felt good. I was ready to cut my hair. It becomes very taxing to have to go through the process of dealing with long hair, it can be a nightmare sometimes.”

The future is looking bright for Baron Corbin, even though he might not be as beloved by the WWE Universe. The company needs a decent heel these days and it seems that Corbin has established himself as such.

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