Aleister Black

Aleister Black, real name Tom Budgen, recently opened up about his personal demons. It is now widely known that Aleister has suffered from severe anxiety and depression. However, this came as a shock to many, as Aleister’s demeanor is always calm and collected.

Aleister Black Opened Up for the First Time After Winning the NXT Championship

Aleister Black

Black opened up about his struggles with depression and anxiety shortly after winning the NXT Championship last year. He posted a candid message on his Instagram account, which inspired many people who have similar struggles.

There were some lovely responses to his Instagram post from last year, too. It shows just how many people are suffering with mental health problems in silence.

“Thank you so much for this post @aleister_black ! You’ve been one of my favorite wrestlers since coming to wwe, and I have dealt with my own fair share of anxiety and depression, and knowing someone I look up too has gone through something similar stuff, you are officially one of my favorites! Good luck on the main roster #thankyou” – Simmons51


“Hey man! I understand you, cause i live the same situation for years. To me wasn’t easy go throught this, but believe me, there’s always a way to get out of this mental situation. Don’t care about simpathy, don’t care about judgement of people, don’t care to make mistake cause everybody fall. But like everbody fall everybody can get up and fight this problem. I solve this problem with a song that i listened everday 24/7 non stop for weeks and weeks. Everything you earned in this life, it’s beacause you earned it, you work soo hard to reach it. Before you was Tommy F’N End and now you’re Alesiter Black. It isn’t only a name, but it is what represent you, your persona and soul! I follow you from the beginning in holland, and believe me you’re an outstanding performer. Believe always in what you do, cause the people know who aleister is. You’re da One! Thank you for the words and for the passion that you put in the ring! ” – Vincenzo_esposito_folgore

Fan’s Response After The Post

Aleister Black

During an interview with SunSport, Aleister Black spoke about the responses he got from wrestling fans. He said the following about the experience.

“I get messages from people telling me all the time through Twitter or Instagram about how my path has inspired their path.”

“It’s good for them, for people who have a certain amount of mental problems, suffering from depression or anxiety, being able to have someone who recognises them and helps them.”

“It’s kind of like a guiding life for them and someone who speaks on their behalf for them which is comfortable for me and makes them feel like they’re not alone.”

“It gives them hope that for them, if they put in the time and the effort, that they can accomplish their dreams as well.”

A Confession From Your Ringside Intel Reporter

Most of you know me from Ringside Intel, bringing you the latest news and rumors from the WWE and other indie promotions. However, what most of you do not know about me is that I have suffered from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and agoraphobia for 12 years.

I was completely housebound for the majority of my twenties. Much like Aleister, dealing with anxiety is a daily fight, but it does not mean you cannot achieve success.

Recently, I resumed my studies at the University to obtain my Bachelor in Psychology. I also volunteer for an eating disorder charity, after recovering from Bulimia in my teens. Now, I’m also looking to work with people who have severe autism. So, it would seem that my anxiety turned into a positive for other people.

Aleister’s and my own message is an important one.

It shows that no matter how difficult your mental health problem gets, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. To quote John Cena “Never Give Up,” because I promise you things will get better.