AEW Signs Ex WWE Announcer, Bruce Prichard Praises Eric Bischoff

Bruce Prichard Praises Eric Bischoff

Former WWE Announcer Justin Roberts Signs With AEW

While All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is building their promotion with some familiar names and others that are still new to fans, the hiring process goes on. Now, they have signed Justin Roberts to an official contract.

In 2002, Roberts started with WWE and would last until October 2014 as he opted to not renew his contract. He worked on almost every WWE show and was there when Daniel Bryan got fired.

When the Nexus debuted, Bryan used Roberts’ tie to choke him. WWE saw this as not PG, especially considering everything that happened with Chris Benoit’s double-murder suicide, and released Bryan. Of course, Bryan would return within months and later become of one of WWE’s biggest stars.

Since leaving WWE, Roberts worked some Indy shows before now calling AEW home.

Bruce Prichard On Replacing Eric Bischoff

Bruce Prichard Praises Eric Bischoff

When Eric Bischoff was rehired by WWE to be the Executive Director of SmackDown, it had a lot of people questioning the decision. It took time for Bischoff to make the move to Connecticut, but the gig did not last long. Earlier in the week, WWE announced that Bischoff had been replaced by Bruce Prichard. 

The news was not shocking as people were not impressed with Bischoff. Backstage reports stated that he had little control of what happened on SmackDown, did not learn the names of superstars and seemed out of touch with the current product. 

Still, Prichard, who is friends with Bischoff, had nothing but positive things to say about the former President of WCW. During the “Something to Wrestle” podcast, Prichard discussed the situation. 

“Well, I’d like to say that I think that Eric Bischoff is — first of all, Eric is a friend of mine,” said Prichard. “And Eric is a good friend of mine that I love personally, I love him professionally. Sometimes, you don’t know the reasons and you have to move on. But, I do believe that Eric Bischoff is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met and worked with.”

“And I know that Eric will succeed. This is like — he ain’t dead! But I just want to publicly wish Eric Bischoff the absolute best in business, life, and everything else, because he’s a good friend and I’m proud and happy to say that he’s my friend.”

Since his sudden departure Bischoff has been added to the next Starrcast event, where fans will have plenty of questions. Outside of that, he had nothing but positive words to say about his latest run in WWE.

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