Vince McMahon dislikes tweets

Vince McMahon and Daniel Bryan make the news this week for entirely different reasons. It is claimed McMahon wants to bury one of WWE’s most talented superstars. We also have some news about Daniel Bryan’s absence, which has been quite noticeable on the main roster.

Vince McMahon Wants To Bury Cedric Alexander

Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio has reported that McMahon wants to bury Cedric Alexander. While there is no apparent reason, it seems like Paul Heyman and McMahon are in contention about Cedric, as Paul is clear about giving him a push.

“I was told last night that Vince McMahon wants to bury him. I don’t know why. I don’t know why he’d wanna do that.” – Meltzer

Cedric Alexander has been a brilliant wrestler in the Cruiserweight division, yet there seems to be an issue backstage in terms of his future. Heyman is all about pushing Alexander, yet McMahon is not a big supporter. One does have to wonder what the point of contention really is. The future will show if there is any truth to the rumor.

McMahon has buried other wrestlers in recent history, just think about EC3 and other NXT call ups who had a tough time on the main roster. When you look over the past couple of years, there are some other terrific wrestlers who have been buried on the main roster. Let’s hope that this will not happen to Alexander, but I fear the worst.

Where Did Daniel Bryan Go?

Daniel Bryan On Retirement

Apart from the incident between Vince McMahon and Cedric Alexander, the sudden absence of Daniel Bryan also has fans talking. Bryan has been kept out of serious action since August; this has included pay-per-views such as Summerslam and Clash of Champions. Despite the absence, the WWE has reported Bryan is totally okay.

According to Fightful Selectsome superstars are being held out of action at the moment to give them a bit of a break. So, it could just be a case of Bryan having a little hiatus from wrestling.

Aside from wrestling, Daniel Bryan has a busy schedule. After all, his life is constantly featured in social media and reality shows, so it is no wonder that Bryan would need a break from it all. A temporary break for Bryan would not be the worst thing either. He can return as his heel self, or could have a face turn. It also opens the path to new rivalries and feuds upon his return.

Other superstars have been known to take a break from wrestling; this includes Sasha Banks and Finn Balor. These breaks are certainly needed for some, as the WWE’s travel schedule is grueling and often continues for years on end. By giving their superstars a bit of a break, they can prevent some serious mental health problems down the line. So, fans should undoubtedly support these kind of breaks for WWE superstars, as they will be able to enjoy their favorite wrestlers for much longer.