Paul Heyman Doesn’t Want Jerry Lawler On RAW, 205 Live’s Future

Paul Heyman Doesn't Want Jerry Lawler On RAW

205 Live’s Future Remain Unclear

The status of 205 Live is still very much in doubt. As noted, the brand will be moving to Friday nights with all the changes coming to WWE. It will stream across the WWE Network and still be be filmed following SmackDown, which is moving to Fox later in the week. 

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that the move is not permanent. As of now, the company is still deciding what to do. In the meantime, WWE will continue to film after SmackDown and then air 205 Live on their network. 

There was talk of the folding the cruiserweight division and having those superstars appear on either RAW or SmackDown. Since the beginning, the show has struggled to gain viewers and many consider 205 Live to be a failure. An idea being discussed is to sell the hour to Fox, who could then air some original content on FS1.

When 205 Live was created, Vince McMahon was running things. Now, it is being described that Triple H has taken over most of the responsibilities.

Paul Heyman Not A Fan Of Jerry “The King” Lawler On RAW, Nigel McGuinness To Possibly Take His Spot

With all the changes coming to WWE, that means the announce teams are going be different. Going forward, RAW will now be called by Jerry “The King” Lawler, Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin.

Meltzer mentioned during the Wrestling Observer Radio how Paul Heyman, who is the Executive Director of RAW, did not want Lawler at the announce table. 

While Lawler got the spot, it is not expected to last as he is a temporary fill-in until WWE finds a third person. There has been talk of Nigel McGuinness getting the spot. McGuinness has mostly worked the NXT UK and NXT brands. With both brands currently having a full announce team, McGuinness has no major role in WWE. 

There is no word on how long Lawler will be calling the action every Monday night.