NXT Takeover Cancelled During Royal Rumble 2020 Weekend?

NXT Takeover

According to Whatculture and F4Wonline, NXT Takeover will be scrapped during the 2020 Royal Rumble weekend. The news came after WWE travel packages on sale showed the changes in schedule. Here is what we currently know.

NXT TakeOver Scrapped For Worlds Collide

NXT TakeOver

Instead, the WWE are planning to hold the World Collide event, which features NXT, NXT UK, and 205 Live.

Normally, Takeover is held on the Saturday night of the Royal Rumble weekend. However, this has now been replaced with the World Collide event, which means there will be no Takeover.

Are These Changes Permanent?

205 Live

One of the concerns of many wrestling fans is that the changes may become a permanent in 2020.

Sources in WWE confirm this was not a mistake and that the schedule of NXT TakeOver events in 2020 with more details will be announced in the near future,” Ryan Satin for Pro Wrestling Sheet

Based on the statements made by Ryan Satin, this could be a serious change in the future. Even though the NXT Takeover events have been really successful in the past, it could be a case of the WWE trying to capitalise on its success and including two more additional brands.

The Previous Worlds Collide Event

The previous Worlds Collide event was certainly not bad. However, if I were to make a choice, I would choose Takeover over Worlds Collide. Takeover has become a household name that has been carefully built. If Worlds Collide will be the new pay-per-view target, I dread to think what it will do to the wrestling universe.

Some time ago, I reported how Vince McMahon could become more involved with the NXT brand. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case at the moment. It is strange how an established pay-per-view suddenly gets cancelled for an “umbrella” event that includes three different brands. Time will tell how this will go in terms of revenue and turnover, but I don’t think it is a good idea.

On the flipside, Worlds Collide could help the struggling 205 Live brand, which has been in danger of being scrapped entirely. As such, 205 Live could be getting the vitality boost it needs. But is it enough?

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