The New WWE Network – The Ups And Downs Of The App

WWE Network

WWE has made great efforts to improve the user experience of the WWE Network applications. The entire app has undergone a serious transformation. And, it moved from Disney’s BAMTech to Endeavor Streaming.

Growing Pains For The WWE Network – Chromecast Worries!

WWE Network

There have definitely been some growing pains for the updated application. One of the main issues is chromecast.

Various users have reported they are no longer able to use chromecast. While it does allow them to cast to a chromecast device, it does give a membership error. Some users appear not to have an account when using chromecast in combination with the WWE Network, even though they have been subscribed for a considerable amount of time.

Better Layout And Easier Navigation

WWE also partnered with a user interface design firm for its update and added more visual flair throughout the experience.

One of the positives for me personally is the new navigation of the WWE Network. Before, I would struggle a lot to find the things that I needed. The search function was also horrendous. This has now improved, especially on my computer and the PS4.

While my PC and PS4 are working well for me, the phone application is still troublesome. Still, it is a massive improvement to where it was before.

Compatibility Issues

Since August, a lot of users have reported compatibility issues with a variety of devices. The chromecast devices are the most prominent, but regular TV casting such as Panasonic TV and the Smart TV prove problematic as well. While users can still access their account over the phone, some devices simply will not connect with the Network. Evidently, this is a problem that could cost the WWE a lot of viewers.

Random Freezes

Another issue with the current WWE Network is random freezes. I encounter this problem myself when I attempting to watch NXT over my phone. The audio plays, but the picture would just stop completely. Then, one minute later, I would get an error code. So, I can personally confirm this problem with the WWE Network.

Overall Verdict

There are certainly a lot of bugs and compatibility issues that need to be addressed. Hate to say it, but this is something that is to be expected during a switch from one company to another. I believe we may see some issues for a couple of more months until the kinks are completely gone.

Despite the many problems with the WWE Network at the moment, I do not believe it is a total disaster. I am personally very happy with the easier layout, the ability to skip certain matches, and even the improved search functions. As soon as the bugs are worked out, I think this could be one of the better streaming applications around.

Even though many problems were still applicable in August, it is clear that the company has attempted to reduce the problems. I have not encountered a freeze since the 26th of August, so time will tell if other users have the same improved experience.

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