Corey Graves’ Commentary Future, Cody Rhodes Sorry For AAA Chant

Corey Graves' Commentary Future

Corey Graves To Leave RAW Or SmackDown Announce Team

Next month will be a big one for WWE as they bring SmackDown to Fox. Right now, WWE is still working on some of the details before going public; but, current plans are for talent to be exclusive to their brand.

That rule will also affect the announce teams. In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they noted how Corey Graves will not be calling RAW and SmackDown for much longer. There is no word on what brand Graves will be featured, but all that information should be decided in the next few weeks.

Just yesterday, we reported how Renee Young could be leaving RAW. Fox officials are high on Renee and they could want her calling SmackDown and/or working a post-show that airs on FS1 as part of this major deal.

It is an exciting time in WWE as changes are happening, but the talent might not feel the same way. While Graves’ life might get easier by not having to travel to different venues in the matter of 24 hours, his girlfriend Carmella could end up on a different brand. In the end, Vince McMahon will make the call about who heads to RAW and SmackDown.

Cody Rhodes & AEW Apologies Over AAA’s TripleMania XXVII Chant

Last month, AAA held their biggest show of the year with TripleMania XXVII. It saw Cody Rhodes, Psycho Clown & UFC’s Cain Velasquez defeat Texano Jr., Taurus & Killer Kross. Post-match, Psycho Clown convinced Cody and Cain to lead a “puto” chant towards their fallen foes. The chant is frowned upon and athletic organizations are cracking down as the term is looked down upon for its homophobic nature.

AEW was contacted by SB Nation’s Outsports for a comment on on what Rhodes did. The comments were condemned by AEW and the promotion said Cody did not realize the nature of the chant. Below is AEW’s official response. 

Cody joined his teammates at AAA TripleMania for what he understood to be their post-match tradition in Mexico and was unaware of any negative connotations. Certainly the last thing Cody would want to do is to hurt or offend anyone, anywhere.

Cody Rhodes will be present for AEW’s debut on TV and he also faces AEW World Champion Chris Jericho at Full Gear. That takes place November 9 from Maryland’s Royal Farms Arena.