Authors Of Pain Are Being Unleashed On The Raw Roster

Authors of Pain

Last week, the Authors of Pain warned the Raw roster of their intentions. During this week’s segment, they delivered on that promise. They did not stick with words though. Instead, they delivered on the promise by beating up Health Slater and No Way Jose backstage.

The Segment on Monday Night Raw

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This week, the segment on Monday Night Raw resembled that one of last week in many ways. Once again, both Rezar and Akam delivered a message that conveyed their love for fighting.

“Last week we exposed all of these wannabe tough guys in WWE as being soft, afraid of us, and rightfully so.”

Shortly after making their intentions clear, the pair worked their way backstage and then beat up two superstars backstage, more specifically Heath Slater and No Way Jose.

“We told you no one is hard enough to fight us, now you’ve seen it for yourselves. And now you know why no one will fight the AOP.”

The WWE is well on the way to rebuild Rezar and Akam. Let’s hope they maintain the push and no injuries pop up unexpectedly during this push.

The Authors Of Pain Becoming The Old Dominant Force Again

Even though I’m still missing Paul Ellering alongside the Authors of Pain, the past few segments are restoring the Authors of Pain back into the dominant force they were at NXT. While there is still quite a road ahead, I look forward to seeing future feuds that include the AOP.

There are plenty of tag teams on Raw that could be selected to take on the AOP including Heavy Machinery and the Viking Raiders. Unfortunately, these teams may still be moved with the superstar shakeup, so we have to wait and see what the WWE have in store for the AOP.

How Should Tag Teams Be Pushed In The Future?

While I do see the purpose of vignettes and promo segments, it does not really tell the crowd a lot about what the tag team can do. Several call-ups had these vignettes and promos, but they have not exactly been a success. Just think about the superstars we have not seen for weeks including EC3.

To make call-ups more effective and more known for viewers who do not watch NXT, it would be much better to build a feud with an established tag team instead. For example, the Authors of Pain could take on The Usos or The New Day. Of course, this should also be accompanied by a good storyline and buildup. The actual match should take place during the pay-per-view, preferably a special rules match that fans look forward to. With Hell in a Cell coming up, it could be the perfect opportunity for the Authors of Pain.

Evidently, there are more tag teams that could benefit from this approach. Heavy Machinery and the Viking Raiders could certainly use a good feud to put themselves on the main roster map. Unfortunately, there are so many tag teams on Raw, it would be difficult to push them all. The WWE has worked itself into a corner, but the shakeup could bring a solution.

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