WWE Aims To Keep Its Wrestlers With Huge Financial Incentives

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AEW has acquired some major talent since its founding, so it is no surprise that the WWE is feeling a little nervous. As such, they allegedly changed their strategy to keep a hold of their superstars. It is claimed the company is now giving their wrestlers huge financial incentives to stay, but is that such a good idea?

WWE Keeps Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson With Massive Deal?

WWE Gallows and Anderson

Even though Gallows & Anderson have been underused over the years, the WWE wanted to keep hold of ‘The Good Brothers’. Despite the fact they were barely featured, they are considered the gold standard of tag team wrestling with die-hard wrestling fans. Therefore, the company could not lose them.

A few months ago, reports came in that Gallows & Anderson had refused a paycheck of $500,000 a year. However, the tag team has now signed a new contract with the WWE, in exchange for a push and even more money. We can only guess how much money we are talking about.

Gallows and Anderson had initially turned down WWE’s overtures to sign them to new deals, but with the promise of a new push (as seen with the AJ Styles alliance) and what sources have claimed to have been a ‘ridiculously amazing’ financial offer, the tag team reconsidered.” – Mike Johnson From PWINsider.

Highly Paid Wrestlers

WWE Brock Lesnar

Gallows & Anderson are not the only ones who have received good deals to stay on board with the company. In 2018, Forbes released some figures. Kevin Owens earned an estimated $2 million, while Randy Orton came closely behind at $1.9 million. Since two years have gone on now, we can only imagine how much that pay has increased; not taking into account merchandise sales and bonuses.

Then, there is Brock Lesnar. The man who is paid astronomical amounts of money for doing as little as possible. For the Crown Jewel pay-per-view, it is estimated Brock earned $1 million just for that pay-per-view. The Undertaker also got a good deal for Super Showdown, although the extent of that deal is not known.

We cannot forget about The Revival either, who allegedly have been kept sweet with a deal higher than $500,000 a year. Before Dean Ambrose left, he was offered $1 million to stay with the WWE. However, he refused and left for greener pastures at AEW.

There are more superstars who signed more long-term deals with the company for exuberant amounts of money. According to recent reports, stars who have signed include The Miz, Jinder Mahal, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, as well as Mike and Maria Kanellis.

Problems On The Horizon?

WWE The Revival

While the increase in paycheck is a great thing for the wrestlers who are employed by this company, you do have to wonder how that will influence the WWE’s profit margin? It is said that the company is willing to double the wage of its wrestlers to keep them on board. However, the rating woes could land the company in real trouble. Will this be a repeat of ECW’s contract strategy? Hopefully not.

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