Randy Orton Tempted By AEW Contract Offer? New Push Explained!

There may be good reason for him to stay...

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Randy Orton has come back into the WWE Championship title picture out of nowhere. However, the recent push of Randy Orton could be quite easily explained. It may all come down to a contract offer from AEW.

AEW Contract Offered to Randy Orton in February

Randy Orton

In February, there were some persistent rumors about AEW offering a major WWE superstar a contract that would be difficult to refuse. Months later, it was revealed that this superstar was none other than Randy Orton.

Interestingly, Orton is tied to a contract with the WWE until 2020, as he signed a 10-year deal in 2010. However, Orton could still become a free agent at this time.

The Viper admitted during an interview that he considered a move to AEW, even though he had enjoyed major success in the WWE. Of course, if the company is willing to pay him a lot of money, a switch could not be that weird.

Another fact that could swing the decision is that The Viper is really good friends with Chris Jericho, who has now become one of the poster boys of AEW.

Recent Push To Keep Orton Sweet?

Randy Orton - Neck Surgery

Since The Viper’s contract runs out in 2020, his recent push undoubtedly has something to do with the fact they want to keep Orton sweet. If Orton gets another title run, a serious push, and possibly a pay increase in 2020, he is more likely to remain in the WWE. So, I expect that he will become the focus of the SmackDown Live brand for the next year.

Not Everyone Wants to Leave the WWE

Even though there have been a lot of rumors about superstars looking for green pastures at AEW, there are some WWE wrestlers who have decided to remain in the WWE.

The Miz is one of the superstars who decided to remain within the company, as he recently signed a new contract. He is doing incredibly well outside of wrestling too, as his show Miz & Mrs is drawing in a good crowd. He is also still one of the most respected wrestlers in the WWE, so I expect him to conquer a couple of championships in the future.

Another WWE superstar that has re-signed with the WWE recently is Kevin Owens. Even though his career has not always gone smoothly, he is one of the top guys on the roster and is quite beloved by fans.

Despite those who are remaining in the company, there are some who are considering leaving the WWE. Kalisto, Gran Metalik, The Revival, and Lio Rush are just some of the rumored names. Time will tell who will stay and leave, but Orton might be remaining in the WWE for some years yet. Unless AEW offers him even more money for his services…

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