Known Wrestler Finds Growth, Cruiserweight Title – Pre-Show Theory

Cruiserweight Title - Pre-Show Theory

Ali Defends Cruiserweights Always Being On WWE Pay Per View Pre-Shows

Right now, RAW and SmackDown are the only WWE brands that air on national TV, but that could change as NXT is rumored for the USA Network. One brand that always steals the show is 205 Live, but they have been reduced to the WWE Network. Plus, they typically always land on the pre-show of pay per views, despite having one of the best matches out of the entire card. 

Former 205 Live superstar Ali spoke to Barnburner and while he never held the Cruiserweight Championship, he understands why WWE does not put them on the main card. He actually believes the brand benefits on pre-show because they do not have to worry about time restrictions. 

The pre-show runs either one or two hour; with half of that time being filled with various segments to promote the upcoming card. Sometimes, the main card can be short on time; meaning a match will be cut by a few minutes or removed all together. With their being plenty of time of the pre-show, it allows the superstars to pace themselves and not rush.

During the Elimination Chamber pay per view, Ali starting getting a major on WWE TV. While it has somewhat slowed-down, Ali is still in the picture as he seems destined to work a program against Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura.

Daffney Learns She Has A Mass Growing

Former WCW and Impact Wrestling competitor Daffney revealed that doctors found a growth next to her T1 on Friday. She will next be heading to a spinal specialist to see what the mass is and why it is causing pain. 

She continued that the fingers in her left hand are numb and her left shoulder feels like it was pulled from the socket. The pain has been going on for over two years now.

Blow is an Instagram post with more details from Daffney.


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Some of you know that I had neck surgery 2 1/2 years ago. They put a metal plate between my C4 & C5. Recently, I noticed my fingers on my left hand going numb again, especially my thumb. My wrist and forearm began to hurt, my temple, neck, collarbone and trap were next, and then finally my shoulder felt like it was being ripped out of the socket if I didn’t keep my arm cradled. Just like 2 1/2 years ago. By Thursday night it had gotten so bad, I decided I needed to go get it checked the next day. Good news: I haven’t hurt another disc in my neck. Bad news: They found a cyst or growth next to my T1. They gave me steroids & anti inflammatories and I’ve been keeping my left arm propped up. It’s weird because my middle finger especially hurts this time – almost like it’s broken so it sticks up. I’m constantly giving Dina, my roomie, the bird. Which she totally doesn’t deserve because she just made me some amazing grits and has been a guardian angel. In the morning I make an appointment with a spinal specialist to find out what is next to my T1 & what is causing the pain. I’ll keep y’all updated. Wanted to explain my absence and request good juju please

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