Buddy Murphy’s Big Push – Are We Getting a New Champion?

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Buddy Murphy

Those who are up to date with main roster wrestling may have noticed that one superstar got a little more attention over the past couple of weeks. That WWE superstar is none other than Buddy Murphy, who has worked his way up from NXT and 205 Live respectively. So, what is the reason behind Murphy’s push? And could we see a new champion in the near future?

Buddy Murphy’s Push Allegedly An Accident

Interestingly, Buddy Murphy’s push is the result of a whole lot of luck and fan support. According to the Wrestling Observer Live, it was never planned for Murphy to take the spot as Roman Reign’s attacker. If the report is to believed, Murphy was there by complete accident.

As fans discovered the presence of Buddy shortly after Roman’s attack, speculation on social media ran rampant. They believed that there was to be a future feud between Roman and Buddy. Everyone was so excited about it, the WWE decided to work Buddy Murphy in the storyline, even though that was not the original purpose.

Once the two appeared on the screen together, something magical happened nobody can explain. Some wrestlers simply have chemistry when it comes to feuds. It seems Roman and Buddy certainly have that, so I would not be surprised if we see more of the pair inside the squared circle.

Murphy’s Superstar Qualities

Buddy Murphy

I have always been a fan of Buddy Murphy. From his NXT days to 205 Live, there has always been something special about Buddy that is difficult to put your finger on. Now, it seems WWE management is starting to notice, too.

One of the biggest advantages Buddy has, at least in my opinion, is that he has a natural presence in front of the camera. There are many superstars who make us cringe when they tape a segment or a promo, but this is not the case for Murphy. In fact, it all seems to come very natural to him. In the world of sports entertainment, this can only play out in his favor.

The great storytelling ability of Murphy does not stop at segments and promos though. The man has an outstanding ability to tell a story inside the WWE ring too. He even did it during a match with Roman Reigns recently, which means the proof is certainly in the pudding.

The final great quality of Buddy Murphy is his versatility. He can combine strength with aerial moves, which certainly is a nice change from the usual rest holds.

More About Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy

If you are not familiar yet with Buddy Murphy, it is time to enlighten you! I believe there is a big future for Murphy in wrestling. So, if you do not know much about him, here are some of the highlights you need to know.

Buddy Murphy’s real name is Matthew Adams. He is an Australian professional wrestler, born on September 26, 1988. In the past, he has also used the wrestling name Matt Silva.

Matthew made his pro wrestling debut in a smaller promotion called Professional Championship Wrestling (PCW). Three years after his debut in 2007, he won the PCW State Championship after defeating resident champion Danny Psycho.

In addition to PCW wrestling, Matthew also worked for Melbourne City Wrestling. During his tenure there, he won the MCW Heavyweight Championship and held it for a whopping 293 days.

The Start of His WWE Career

Buddy Murphy

In 2013, Matthew finally got noticed by the WWE and was offered a contract for NXT. He was signed by the company in March of 2013 and would make his debut in November of the same year.

Even though Murphy received some opportunities in the beginning of his NXT career, the real opportunity would not come until 2014. In 2014, he formed a tag team with Wesley Blake, which would set the tone for the rest of his NXT and WWE career.

The tag team did not get off to a great start, though. In their first year, they suffered losses against The Lucha Dragons, The Vaudevillains, and The Ascension. Things would change in 2015 though, as the tag team would beat the Vaudevillains and challenge The Lucha Dragons for the title. Wesley and Buddy would beat the Lucha Dragons in January 2018, giving them the NXT Tag Team Championships. Interestingly, Buddy Murphy was the very first Australian to ever hold this championship within the WWE.

A little later during their reign, Alexa Bliss would join the tag team. She would attack Carmella and Enzo Amore during a match, which saw Blake and Murphy retain their titles. The team would come to an end however, as they lost the titles after 219 days to Shinsuke Nakamura and Austin Aries.

Starting At 205 Live And SmackDown Live

In 2018, Murphy had requested his transfer to 205 Live. To join the competition, he had to lose a whopping 25 pounds. He would make a lasting impression during his debut though, as he participated in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.

After working his way up through the roster, it would not be long for Buddy Murphy to capture the Cruiserweight Championship. During a match against Cedric Alexander at Super Showdown in Melbourne, he would finally get his crowning accomplishment.

As you may know already, Murphy got promoted to the main SmackDown Live roster shortly after losing his title to Tony Nese at WrestleMania 35. The switch came during the 2019 WWE Superstar Shakeup.

His Personal Life

Buddy Murphy and Alexa Bliss

There are some things known about Buddy Murphy’s personal life. It is widely known that he is fond of adrenaline-filled activities such as bungee jumping, rock climbing and even swimming with whales. He is also a big football fan and is a big supporter of the Australian Carlton Football Club.

Buddy Murphy proposed to fellow wrestler Alexa Bliss in 2015 and the pair were engaged for a couple of years. Unfortunately, the news came recently that Alexa and Buddy had split. According to reports, the pair had split in September 2018 but did not reveal the news until months later. Bliss showed some hesitance to start planning her wedding to Murphy in Total Divas, but the exact reason for their split has never been revealed.