Alicia Fox Allegedly Sent Home At Summerslam For Drunken Outburst

Alicia Fox

We have not seen much of Alicia Fox since Arn Anderson was fired, allegedly for letting Alicia wrestle drunk. Most fans believed that Alicia’s troubles were behind her, but if the recent rumor is correct, this may not be the case.

Alicia Fox’ Rumored Drunken Outburst

Alicia Fox

If rumor is to be believed, Alicia Fox had a drunken outburst with a fan. It is said officials had to intervene in the argument and that Alicia was sent home after the incident. Even though she was not scheduled to appear at Summerslam, it is not uncommon for veterans to be backstage during events.

The story was released by Casey Michael on Twitter, who claims she was dismissed from the event because of being a “drunk mess” and having a heated exchange with a fan.

Even though there is no official evidence to support the incident claim, some fans claim they witnessed the situation.

As mentioned earlier, Alicia did not wrestle at Summerslam, but she was scheduled for meet and greets during the three-day long event.

Alicia’s Recent Problems

Alicia Fox

Over the past couple of months, Alicia Fox has been in the news a couple of times. Every time, it was alleged Alicia had a drinking problem. Nevertheless, the rumors have never been confirmed by the WWE or Alicia herself.

Some months ago, Arn Anderson was fired from the WWE. Backstage talk claims that Arn was fired because he let Alicia wrestle while she was intoxicated. The incident allegedly took place in Saginaw Michigan on February 10th.

Shortly after the news came out, Alicia went awol for some time. It is said the WWE has offered rehab to the veteran wrestler, but that she has refused so far.

Since the incident with Arn Anderson, Alicia has not wrestled or appeared a lot on WWE television. After she went awol, she returned to wrestling on April 22nd, where she lost a match to Becky Lynch.  She would have another match against The IIconics alongside Tamina, but also lost the match. Her latest appearance was on July 22nd, where she appeared during the Raw Reunion Show among other legends.

What Should The WWE Do?

Alicia Fox

The WWE is finding itself in a tricky situation with Alicia. On one hand, if the company were to release her, they would be crucified for doing so. The company has offered her help, but she has yet to take it if rumor is to be believed. As an employer in the spotlight, this is not an easy situation to be in.

It would not be the first time for a wrestler to struggle with alcohol addiction. Known names that have struggled with alcohol addiction include Kurt Angle, Jake Roberts, Eddie Guerrero, and Scott Hall.

At the end of the day, the WWE has a brutal travel and work schedule, so some superstars drink to cope with their busy lives. The WWE have done the right thing by offering Alicia help, but she needs to take it first. In my opinion, they have done what they could. Maybe a forced session with a mental health professional could provide further help?

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