WWE Legends Who Are Missing From The 2K Wrestling Games

2K wrestling games

There are many legends who deserve a spot on future 2K wrestling games; this includes the upcoming 2K20. Surprisingly, there are some major legends who have not conquered a spot in the game. So, here are some favorites that fans want to see.

Fan Favorite For 2K Wrestling – Owen Hart

Owen Hart

Fans desperately want Own Hart in the upcoming 2K wrestling games, but this might not be as easy as it sounds. Remember, Owen Hart died in the WWE, as his harness failed while he was being dropped from a great height. As such, Owen’s widow does not want her husband in the Hall of Fame, or wants anything to do with the WWE mess, which is understandable. Because of this reason, I do not think we will ever get Owen Hart in the 2K wrestling games.

The Ninth Wonder Of The World – Chyna


I have to be honest when I say this is my personal favorite. Chyna has done so much for the women’s division, especially when it comes down to equality between female and male wrestlers. So, why is she not in the 2K wrestling games?

This year, Chyna was inducted in the Hall of Fame, but as a member of D-Generation X. Unfortunately, Chyna has not been inducted individually, which is something a lot of fans want. Being the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble and to compete in the King of the Ring tournament, she should at least get a spot in the 2K20 game.

The Real American Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan

Okay, so Hulk Hogan has put himself in a tough situation within the wrestling universe. Let’s just say he made some poor comments and some leaked videos did not do him any favors either. Still, when you think about iconic wrestling moments, you think about Hulk Hogan.

Shortly after his scandal broke, Hogan was removed from anything WWE; this included the 2K wrestling games. That being said, many fans would love to see Hogan back in the game.

 Hawk And Animal РThe Road Warriors

The Road Warriors

Interestingly, The Road Warriors were featured in 2K14, but have been absent ever since. Fans have attempted to recreate the Legion of Doom, but with little success.

There are many things that are great about The Road Warriors, from their entrance music to the sheer imposing nature of the tag team. So, if we would have to pick a legendary tag team to add to the upcoming 2K wrestling games, The Road Warriors would be on top of our list.

Sensational Sherri – Sherri Martel

Sensational Sherri

Another legendary lady we would like to see in the 2K games is none other than Sensational Sherri. Being a manager for legendary wrestlers such as Ted DiBiase, Randy Savage and even Shawn Michaels, it is difficult to forget this legendary manager. Of course, Sherri Martel was also a wrestler, so she could be added as a manager as well as a wrestler in the upcoming game.

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