WWE Has Given Up On The Women’s Revolution – Here Are The Facts!

WWE women's revolution

Just when you think women’s wrestling is finally on equal footing with men’s wrestling, the WWE is giving up on its women’s revolution. There have been numerous signs to indicate this, which you can discover in our overview below.

No Women’s Revolution Without Ronda Rousey?

While women’s wrestling did great without Ronda Rousey, she has certainly left a big impression on the WWE universe. WWE management loves a mainstream star, and Ronda Rousey could provide that. However, since she left to start a family, the women’s revolution has been on the backburner. Instead, we are back to a wrestling scene that is dominated by male wrestlers.

Welcome To Saudi Arabia

Okay, so this one is really a no-brainer. The WWE claimed it is all for the women’s revolution, yet the Saudi Arabia shows are continuing several times a year. To make matters worse, the company has no interest in doing another all women’s pay-per-view, despite the fact it did really well last time and even though women are not allowed to wrestle in Saudi. If they were serious about the women’s revolution, this deal would have never been made. End of story.

Ember Moon Has Disappeared

One of the most impressive women on the NXT roster was undoubtedly Ember Moon. After putting on some stellar matches with Asuka, everybody expected Ember Moon to be one of the front-runners in this women’s revolution. Instead, Ember has all but disappeared on the main roster. It is very difficult to understand, as this female wrestler has it all. Naturally, it all points to zero interest in women’s wrestling. The WWE only put people forward if they can provide a good turnover instantly; just look at Becky Lynch. The rest of the wrestlers have to stay in catering at this point.

We Have Women’s Tag Team Titles?

First of all, I need to state that I love The IIconics and this is not down to them whatsoever. Still, hardy anyone is aware of the women’s tag team titles; this did not start with the IIconics though. As soon as the titles were won by Banks and Bayley, the titles died a slow death.

The underuse of the women’s tag team titles is once again proof that the WWE have given up on the women’s revolution. The titles are barely featured, there are no distinguishable tag teams aside from The IIconics and The Kabuki Warriors, and countless other problems that just feed into the non-caring attitude of the WWE.

Speaking about the Kabuki Warriors, have you noticed how little we have seen them? Despite being managed by one of the most iconic female wrestlers in history, the WWE just does not seem that interested. Considering Asuka and Kaire Sane could be massive hits, it is a big mistake on their end.

The Man Supports The Man?

Finally, Becky Lynch went from The Man to the woman supporting the Man. You could argue that this hints at equality because she defended her boyfriend, at the end of the day it is a cheap storyline. Remember, she has not been in any interesting feuds since Ronda Rousey…

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