What We All Need Is A (Solid) Kevin Owens Face Run

The Kevin Owens persona is a type that can flip from babyface to heel with ease and in a stellar fashion; and Kevin Steen is the type of talent that can handle each transition well, while knocking it out of the park.

One of the fails around WWE programing as of late is the flip flopping of characters between heel and face, and with the Wild Card Rule in effect as of late, superstars can seem heelish on one show, and then jump to the next brand the next night and be a babyface (vice versa, too); this has especially been prevalent within the women’s divisions on both brands.

Which is why I’m hoping the renewed attitude that Kevin Owens displayed this week on SmackDown LIVE isn’t something that was done as a one-night deal. Yes, heel Owens is incredible, especially when he turns on friends; however, the way he is able to mock heels and his demeanour as a face is something I would truly love for WWE Creative to explore further and give KO a solid babyface run. During his “friendship” with Y2J, their shenanigans, the list; this was all a highlight on RAW, at a time when injuries plagued the brand, and where BFFs Chris Jericho and KO ran with the spotlight. I get that turning on Y2J was needed, and it made for great TV; however, I was thoroughly excited to learn earlier this year that KO was returning from an injury hiatus as a face; looking forward to finally getting to see him in that light as the majority of his run both on NXT and the main roster has been as heel.

That face run was cut abruptly short, when after Wrestlemania, Kofi Kingston needed a rivalry of some sort and Daniel Bryan was off due to a minor injury. Who stepped in for the job of suitable heel opponent? Well, Owens, who was able to quickly establish a bond with Kingston, and Xavier Woods, in a short time while filling in for yet another injured talent on the Blue brand, the third member of the New Day Big E.

Having said all that, last night’s tease of a face run for Kevin Owens was there, and I don’t think I was the only one who picked up on it. From arguing with Drew McIntyre as soon as he arrived in the ring for the Kevin Owens show, lightly mocking Shane McMahon’s fear of the Undertaker, displaying some small accolades to the Phenom while talking about him, making fun of Dolph Ziggler’s recent “should’ve been me” catchphrase, and then turning on the “Show Off” once their tag team match went very wrong; all arrows seem to point that the WWE Universe may be seeing the face run that was meant for Kevin Owens upon his return from injury some mere months back.

Which would offer a fantastic next chapter for not only the character, but the superstar, as it relates to evolution, potential future matches and opponents, as well as a change up in the roster order and storylines.

In a SmackDown LIVE that was less than stellar this week, one highlight was Kevin Owens and a potential around a face run. If he can turn heads with the teases he was throwing out last night, imagine the impact he can make if the powers that be allow him to run with a character change? It’s what the WWE Universe wants and needs right now.