Update On Seth Rollin’s Medical Condition

‘- Seth Rollins was banged up pretty nicely last night on RAW at the hands of his SummerSlam opponent Brock Lesnar; even spitting up blood during a backstage segment at one point.

WWE.com has released a couple of medical updates on Seth Rollins today, in light of Brock Lesnar’s brutal assault on The Architect during RAW. The first one reported that Rollins was undergoing a number of evaluations, where details would be provided via WWE Digital. Another stated that WWE Digital approached Seth Rollins regarding a medical condition update, where the superstar requested to not release details around this. Full updates can be accessed on WWE.com, by clicking here.

Seth Rollins looked in bad shape last night, and those F-5 off a steel chair were brutal; however, with the update on WWE.com, there’s a good chance that any injuries may very well be storyline related. Here’s hoping.

– Vince McMahon introduced the Wild Card Rule back in May of this year, and the entire storyline didn’t go over too well. Not only were guidelines around the stipulation confusing and unclear, these outlines were never followed, and the entire gimmick ended up being a flop.

According to a Sports Skeeda report, the company is “quietly” moving away from the Wild Card Rule, with the entire concept wrapping up after SummerSlam; there will be no major announcements around it ending.

According to the report, there were many who wanted to scrap the idea, from management, to companies, talent, and sponsors. Additionally, the company does not want to jeopardize Survivor Series buildup as the only time in the year where the Red and Blue brand can collide; potentially missing out on a moment like we saw in 2018 between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch due to the Wild Card Rule.

Getting rid of the Wild Card Rule also makes sense as it relates to the two brands being on different networks. As of October of this year, SD LIVE will be on Fox, and the network may not want to share talent that appear on its competitor, the USA Network.