Surprises That Could Be Happening During Extreme Rules 2019!

Undertaker's SummerSlam Status

With the WWE trying to turn over a new leaf, we are hopeful that there will be some fun surprises during Extreme Rules on Sunday. There could be a number of things, but here are the ones that have been discussed the most among fans.

Brock Lesnar Cashes In His Contract At Extreme Rules!

Brock Lesnar Extreme Rules

This is the most obvious surprise, but it would be a pleasant one; not because I want to see Lesnar as a champion, but because I want him to lose the briefcase. Brock Lesnar has been the most pointless contract winner in history, as he was not even entered in the match.

Rumors are rampant that Brock will cash in on Kofi Kingston. SmackDown Live is moving to Fox in October, and the WWE believes that Brock as champion would be a much bigger draw. In my opinion, it is not a matter of will Kofi lose his title, but when. Let’s just hope Brock won’t be champion for long.

Brock’s cash in could not be the only surprise that involves Kofi Kingston. After all, many fans are predicting that Samoa Joe will become the WWE Champion. Of course, he might not be champion for long if Brock does cash in.

The Undertaker Loses At Extreme Rules

The Undertaker Extreme Rules

This is not exactly something to look forward to, but bare with us. It is likely that The Undertaker is set for a feud at Summerslam, but against who? Could it be against the person who beats him at Summerslam? Whether it will be against Shane McMahon or Drew McIntyre remains to be seen, but it is a possibility.

Welcome Back Sasha Banks

Extreme Rules Sasha Banks

Recent rumors indicate that bridges have been mended between the WWE and Sasha Banks. Banks has also been advertised for Summerslam, which means she needs to make her return soon. And what better way to make a return than to come to the aid of her friend Bayley at Extreme Rules?

Cesaro And Aleister Black Join Forces

Cesaro and Aleister Black

With Sheamus and Cesaro’s tag team broken up, Cesaro could use another tag team buddy. Instead of this match at Extreme Rules, they could be joining forces instead.

This is one of the most ludicrous rumors, but I have to admit this is one of the most exciting ones for me. If Cesaro and Aleister Black join forces, they could be added to the Raw Tag Team match, which could become even better! A little far-fetched maybe, but it would be amazing!

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